Baby Showers And Lamaze Classes

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divinelibra - April 24

Both my mom and hubbies mom are wanting to throw me baby showers. but they are having a hard time figuring out dates. i'm due mid-september. when is an appropriate time to hold the baby showers? 7, 8, 9 months? and my Dr. gave me a booklet with classes, dates, and times, like lamaze, baby care, br___t feeding, daddy bootcamp. i know we're enrolling daddy to be in daddy bootcamp which is VERY soon. but we have to register for ALL the classes we want to take at the same time AND before my 28th week. other than having the experiance of taking lamaze classes and such, are they REALLY worth the $$$? my mom and friends never took them. and my mom says the nurses will explain br___tfeeding when i'm in the hospital. i'm confused, running out of time, and need some input.


Alycia - April 24

I would do the shower closer to 7 months. That way, you have plenty of time to fill out the gaps if you don't get everything you need. You'll be surprised how absolutely compelling the urge to GET EVERYTHING NOW becomes by around 6-7 months! As for lamaze cla__ses, I can't say because dh and I chose not to take any kind of childbirth cla__ses. We're having the baby at home, and I'd prefer to use whatever coping mechanisms come to me instinctively (or whatever my midwives suggest at the time). If you're interested in b___stfeeding education, you can always attend the free monthly La Leche League meetings held locally. I started going in January, and I can't tell you how much I've learned. I'm really glad I didn't try to wing that one! There is so much information I wasn't aware of, and it would have been too overwhelming to get all at once, once the baby had actually arrived. Good luck to you!


pbj - April 24

I found lamaze very helpful. Whether you're planning natural or medicated birth. Honestly if I hadn't learned how to breathe I don't know if I could've coped. You never know what God has planned for you. You could plan for an epidural, but for some unseen reason may not be able to get one or God forbid, it just doesn't work for you. On the other hand if you plan natural, but need to have a c-section etc., you'll be knowledgable on the pros and cons of medication. Most of the info I already knew, but I still felt it was worth it. Another plus is you may meet other couples who will generally be delivering around the same time as you. While I was in the hospital after delivering my LO, a couple from our cla__s went into was neat to visit after our babies were born and we still send pictures back and forth. As far as your shower goes, I think most plan for 1-2 months before they are due. Good luck!


Steph - April 24

I honeslty felt that Lamaze was a bunch of c___p. It didn't help me at all and I quit going after about the third or fourth week. IMO, the breathing "techinques" for me were nothing short of common sense. I think that instead of spending money on the cla__ses, look for some cla__ses in your city that offer them for free so that way if you don't like them, you don't feel like your obligated to go because you paid for them.


Been There - April 24

I'm not speaking against Lamaze in any way, shape or form. My own experience is that I didn't take it with my last two pregnancies. I got up the morning I was in labor with my first, my brother-in-law said inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. I did that with ever labor pain and just let it wash over me calmly. I handled it so well, they thought I had taken Lamaze when I arrived at the hospital. It's a personal choice, but I don't know that spending the money would have done anything different for me. I read up on things that could happen, asked lots of questions when something came up and had my mother there (5 time veteran) to watch over me. DH was there, but Mom knew what to do and what to watch for. Most of all, I was mentally prepared that although it would be painful, it would, eventually, be over. I think the epidural helped a little too. :-)


sa__sifras - April 25

I agree with Steph. I could not understand paying someone to teach me how to breathe. I did a great job without it, but also did a lot of research on anything and everything that could go wrong. And like Been There, thank goodness for epidurals!


mcatherine - April 25

You can rent lamaze videos at the library ($1.00/week here) to get the general idea. I took cla__ses over 10 years ago and remember being disappointed that I had actually paid for them and it took them 5 or 6 weeks to teach me basically what everyone here is telling you. Breathe. Slowly - in through your nose, out through your mouth. I don't plan on taking them this time around. I personally think the daddy bootcamp is a good idea - I just enrolled my husband in newborn cla__ses and my 10 year old son in sibling cla__ses (really so he feels included somehow). Also, Im' due September 6th and my shower is June 24th.



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