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Emily - July 20

What toys/products can't you live without. For an example how great are: swings, bouncers, playmats, and so on. Just wondering what I should get. Thanks


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - July 20

Hey! We have a 10 week old baby and we could NOT live without our swing! It is such a lifesaver. She has a bouncy seat but doesnt like it much. Also she really likes her playmat gym. She really likes the light on her crib (the ocean wonders one) She really likes soft stuffed toys. She likes the ones that play music also. Mobils are great too around 4-5 weeks. Make sure and get a rocking chair or glider. That has been a lifesaver for us. The stroller/carseat combo was a great thing too! I looooooooooove my diaper genie. I know alot of people say it is hard to use but its not and it really holds in smells! Oh yeah, a small thing but she really loves it are the wrist rattles. They velcro around her wrists or ankles and as she moves they rattle. She loves them! Hope I have helped a little and if you have any other ??????s just ask!


Emily - July 21

Thank You!


E - July 22

I think it depends on the age/stage thing. For your newborn, the two things you will find useful are: A vibrating bouncer and or rocker and a playmat. We loved our Baby Papasan Vibrating Chair. So comfortable for Aja and a necessity for sure!! Once they can hold their head up and seem to want to stand up while being held, you may want to buy an Exersaucer. You can support them by placing blankets in front and behind the baby. This allows them to stand and play with the surrounding toys. Those are the three big things I recommend. Lastly, a teething blanket is great for a 3 month old. Infantino (Babies R Us) has a nice one that Aja loves to hold and stick in his mouth. Oh - a mobile is a given. Tiny Love has the best mobiles. I wouldn't get anything else. Aja would spend 45 minutes staring at the little creatures while cooing and smiling. Guess what you get to do for those 45 minutes?? ANYTHING YOU WANT :P


Jodie - July 22

Once i was visiting my grandma and my 6month old son got hold of a small paper bag, kept him entertained for over an hour



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