Babys Chance Of Survival At 30 Weeks

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concerned - April 28

I have now reached 30 weeks and still resting after going in to labour at 27 weeks, and i had to have 2 shots of steroids and put on bed rest, luckily the pains went and now i am starting to experiece them again. I dont want the baby to be born now but if he was would he have a good chance or would he be wired to loads of machines keeping him alive. Would love to hear your views.


j - April 28

there are amazing chances at this little sister was born at 33 weeks via emergency caesarian, and is now fine, my aunt went into labout with twinds at 23 weeks, and they were born at 24 of the earliest known survivors in the u.k. sadly one twin died, but daniel is now a fully healthy two yesar old baby...good luck, i wish the best for you and your baby


Hayley - April 28

I think your baby would be fine if born at 30 weeks. He would probably need to stay in hospital for a bit so he can be monitored and he would probably be very small but he'll grow and be perfectly healthy just like any other baby born before term. I think babies can survive from 26 weeks now. You must've been very frightened going into labour at 27 weeks - was it the steroids that stopped the labour from continuing? I'd just take it easy at the mo - I'm sure everything will be fine.


CHEL - April 28

My first child was born at 31 weeks. She spent 3 weeks in nicu. She had to learn how to suck and her lungs were a bit immature. She is not a very healty 7 year old.


BBK - April 28

Your baby has an excelent chance of survival at this stage 98% or higher depending on the facility. The machines look scary, but they're nothing to worry about. What he mostly lacks at this point it bodyfat and lung capacity. The machines would provide, nutrients, breathing a__sistance; measures are also taken so no bodyheat or fluids are lost. BTW, the steroids were given to you so they can reach the baby through the placenta and accelerate growth, especially lung growth. Good luck with everything


E - April 28

A site for you with charts. Good luck mommy and I am thinking of you and your baby:) No dashes or hyphens if any appear.


Rachel - April 28

Are you kidding my ob said she will be over the moon if we can get me to 30 weeks! At 23 weeks I was admitted to the hospital and put on meds to stop my contractions and appparently I have cervical funneling. At 30 weeks as long as your baby is healthy and developing normally his/her chances are excellent for not only survival but coming out of it without disability. Granted it's still best he stay put as long as possible but hon I'd love to be in your shoes. I'm only 25 weeks now and time is just dragging. It's really nerve wracking and scary as I'm sure you know. Good luck!


April - April 28

I have a friend who had her son at 29 weeks... he's 9 years old now and VERY healthy... and my cousin's boyfriend only weighed 2 lbs when he was born (25 years ago) and is also very healthy... and with the medical advancements made in the bast 10-20 years i would say your baby has a very good chance of surviving.. however the longer your baby stays in the womb the better... so just keep doing whatever you can to keep it in there



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