Babys Heart Rate

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KAY E - October 13

I hear alot of people say low heart heart rate boy high heart rate girl. well i am in my 4th month and my babys heart rate stays in the 170s my question is has any one had a baby boy whos heart rate was high?


cfj503 - October 14

yes, with both of my boys their heart rates were NEVER under 150 or 155. I have to tell you, I don't think that that old wives' tale is necessarily correct all of the time


M.A. - October 14

Hopefully it's not correct this time either. My baby's rate has been 160 everytime I've checked so far.


viv - October 14

My mom never had any ultrasounds when she was pregnant with me, and they guessed I was a boy the whole time because of my low heartrate. Well I am definately not a boy!! :o) It's just that, an old wives tale, there isn't any truth to it....we even asked my dr at my last visit and she said unfortunately it's just not true.


Maraen - October 14

With my son his heartrate was always around 160 or higher. This time we are having a girl and her heartbeat is usually between 130-145. So I guess I am the total opposite of the wivestale!


~m~ - October 14

Wow, that's interesting. I have always heard that, too. Both of my boys kept rates of about 135-140 the whole time. And my friends who had girls said their rate was always around 175. But I guess there's no SURE-FIRE way to tell until the baby is actually born. Interesting!


YC - October 14

Hello, my baby's heartrate averages about 140-145 and it's a girl. I know for sure, we had an amnio. My doctor says there is nothing to that old wives tale...who knows :)


nhb - October 14

Yes, my boys' heart rates were the same as cfj503's--never really below 150.


KAY E - October 14

Thanks for the replys from all of you.i really would like a boy i will find out next soon as i told my sister the babys heart rate was was 175 she said oh your having a girl.M.Awhat are you hoping for?


M.A. - October 17

When I had my last daughter, her heart rate was always 160, and ever since I've been going to the doctor this one's heart rate has been 160. Today we had the ultrasound, and the heart rate was 154, and it's a boy! WOO-HOO!


Laura - October 17

I'm 18 wks and both ultra sounds have shown that the heart rate is in the 180s (one at about 13 weeks and the other last week). Is that too high?


Lumina - October 17

I'm wondering the same thing Laura. My ultrasound for 9 weeks showed once at 178 and once at 181. I'm not too sure what that means.


Laura - October 17

Well, my doc said that it can fluctuate by/from stress, what you might eat/drink etc but who knows. He claims not to be alarmed but I've done some research myself and found that it can possibly be a problem - I just don't know. Do you know if its true that if the baby is now in a breach position (18 wks) it will most certainly move around lots before being born? Just curious.



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