Babys Surname

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liz - May 11

Me and my partner are having a baby, he wants it to have his surname but im not to sure what to do as were not married and cant really afford to get married anytime soon, what would you do?


. - May 11

I just bumped up a previous thread on the same subject


April - May 11

Also... check out the "single and pregnant" forum... there are a couple topics in there on the same thing... with lots of opinions


jenni - July 2

if i were the one holding your baby i would have to have my surname but your not me so i think you should get 2 peices of papper and on 1 side of the first piece right why you want your surname and the other side why you dont want you partners surname and do the same for your partner.


Jodie - July 3

I never married the father of my first 2 children but they have his surname, it only seemed right to me, my parents werent married when i was born but i still got my dads name (they are married now)


Jessica F. - July 3

I think it would be my surname if I wasn't married. But you really have to go with what is best for you. Don't go on the thoughts "what if we break up?" cause even in marriage it's never definite. Good luck in your decision.


KH - July 3

maybe hyphenate it :)


Jodie - July 4

Yesterday at work i was talking to a friend about her marriage plans and she brought up how her fiance had his mothers surname and was getting it changed to his dads before the wedding, his father had died a few years ago and he felt quite resentful towards his mother for not giving him his fathers name at birth


Jamie - July 5

Whether you're married or not, your partner IS the father...and that's typically what a surname shows - paternal family line. I'd say, at the LEAST, the baby should have a hyphenated last name. But, Dad needs to be acknowledged in some way.


vixen - July 5

i gave my son his father's name. This was primarily for the child's ident_ty, we weren't married but he would always be linked to his father. As time progressed I fell pregnant with our second child, I did not like the fact that 3 members of our family would have a different surname to me, so we got married with only 2 witnesses and it cost us £90. Or you can change your name to be the same. Either way if you have a future with the father then the father's name seems the most straightforward as you are likely to change to this at some point anyway.



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