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Rachel - March 4

Just wondering, did any of you have back labor with one baby, and normal labor with another? I had back labor with my first, it was so bad the epidural didn't work. Should I be looking forward to this excruciating experience again?


DownbutnotOUT - March 4

Is back labour when the baby is sunny side up, its back to your back???? If so my mom had 4 of us and I was the only one sunny side up and my little bro was born face down.


Rachel - March 4

I heard its whenever the hardest part of the head pushes against your spine or something like that. I'm just hoping I don't have it again lol


denimb__terfly - March 4

I had regular labor with my first and back with my second. Neither of them were sunny side up. My doctor says that every pregnancy is different and so you do have a chance at not having back labor. Also, with my daughter- my back labor one, I had back pains a lot in the pregnancy. With my son I did not have back pains the way I did with my daughter throughout the pregnancy. In fact, I found out I was pregnant with my daughter because I went to the ER with BAD back pains and thought something was seriously wrong. Did you have back pains in your first pregnancy?


SaraH - March 4

While I can't answer from experience. From what I know there is no reason that you should expect back labor to occur again. Could it happen again- yes, but you shouldn't have any more of an increase chance of it occurring than anyone else. As the others said back labor generally occurs when the baby is face up instead of face down or in an "abnormal" position when it enters the pelvis (however on occasion some women simply feel the labor in their back more then anywhere else even when the baby is right side up). Generally though as said, it's due to the baby lying face up. I know that my mil had back labor w/ her last one (he was face up) but not w/ my dh or his older brother. My mother also had back labor for part of her labor w/ my brother (he flipped over half way through and the back labor went away then). My brother was the 3rd child, and my mom went on to have 3 more w/ no back labor. So, I wouldn't worry about having an increased chance of it if I was you. If this baby does decide to give you problems and fallow in your other childs foot steps, these are the things I've read/been told help (maybe you know these already but thought I'd list them just in case). You said you had an epidural last time which would have made it hard to move around, but if you can change positions. By lying on your back, the baby is putting pressure on your back, pelvic bone, and sacrum. So if you can manage to sit leaning forward or kneel it may help, as gravity will drop the baby forward and should help remove some of the pressure from the bones/nerves. Also applying counter pressure is often suppose to help --a couple of my pregnancy books, as well as the labor coach who taught my prenatal cla__s suggested throwing tennis b___s or a rolling pin in the bag to take to the hospital. That way you can either lie on them or have someone push into your back w/ them (and even if you don't have back labor the tennis b___s feel really good to have your dh/support person roll on your back just as a form of ma__sage). As I said I have no personal experience but these things are suppose to help. Anyways, good luck and try not to worry to much, all babies and births are different and there is no reason that this baby wont be lined up in the "normal" typical position (face down) for birth.


denimb__terfly - March 5

The tennis b___s and counterpressure did not help me, but I changing positions did. Lying on my back was the worst, but when I sat up and leaned over it seemed to help some. Now you got me worried about back labor again. But, like SaraH said, you run no more risk than anyone else (same as me :-)


Rachel - March 6

NOTHING worked with me, my husband was just like...uhh... what do I do lol. The only times I had back pains with my son was when I was in labor but didn't know it. Well, it makes me feel a little better knowing all of this thanks!



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