Bad Eggs

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claireb - May 11

Is there such a thing as a bad egg? If I've been on bcp for the last 10 yrs, will my first egg I release when I 'o' less healthy than the ones after this? Any thoughts? Thanks


Bluemonster - May 11

I don't know if birth control pills, or the lack of ovulating causes the eggs to deteriorate or not, but I did read something interesting in WebMD magazine awhile back. It said that if you were taking birth control pills for one year you would have a 25 % chance of getting pregnant in the first year off of it and for every year you were on birth control your chances of conceiving in the first year off of it would be lower. I don't know if this has anything to do with th quality of the eggs are not. On another point about "bad eggs" it is true that your eggs deteriorate over time, simply becaause they age. A woman has every egg she will ever have present in her ovaries before she is born, so your eggs are as old as you are. That is why there is more health risks for women over 35 because their eggs are older. That is one of the reasons things like Down Syndrome is more common in older women's children. But on a positive not, I was on birth control for six years when I got pregnant with my first daughter. (Of course, I was still taking the BCP when I got pregnant. Go figure) Anyway, I don't know if any of this helps, but I hope you get the answer you're looking for.


ma2aiden - May 11

i'm not sure about the "bad egg" question, but i can tell you that i was on bcp for about 10yrs as well and was pregnant w/i 5 mos of going off... i know that my doctor said you should wait at least 3 mos. before trying, maybe you should consult your doctor to see what they feel is best....


Olivene - May 12

Lots of preople get pregnant the first month and there are no problems! I was off of the pill for more than six months before we got pregnant- the first time we were really careless it happened. I don't think it impacts your egg during the first month. It just might be released at an unusual time or something unless your body regulates itself right away. They say that the doctors advise waiting three months to make it easier to calculate a due date. I wouldn't woryy. Go for it if you want.


claireb - May 12

Thanks for your advice guys. I guess I'll just have to wait it out and see, and we have been going for it! :) I don't think I've o'd yet as not had a period since march, I'm just impatient! I saw my Dr a month ago and she said to come back in 6 mths if i still haven't had my period. I had my palm read a few yrs ago and he said I would m/c, but also have 2 kiddies, so here to hoping!


oz - May 12

there is no medical reason to wait to start ttc after stopping the pill. My dr said the only reason most dr will suggest waiting a few months is so your cycle will go back to normal and will allow them to predict the due date more accuratley. She said she fell preggo with 2 of her 3 children the first month of the bcp. The effects of the bcp have a very low life span (so to speak)and that is why some people can fall preggo just by missing a couple of pills so i dont agree with the stats in the WebMD mag quoted above.



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