Bad Morning Sickness Mean Girl

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Carol - March 31

Has any heard that the sicker you are that you are having a girl? I hope not because I am 6weeks and have very few symptoms, but I desperately want a girl!


D - March 31

My mother was equally sick with my brother and I. She had severe morning sickness for 4 months both pregnancies. I'm the oldest, and she didn't know what all to do for m/s with me, and ended up dehydrated and hospitalized.


W - March 31

My mother had 2 girls....she told me that she never got sick with either one of us except for me...once....and that was after she had onion it wasn't morning was something she ate...I guess all people are different, I don't know what I'm having yet, but I'm 15 weeks now and I have felt sick but never got sick..


Susan - March 31

My sister had morning sickness up through her 6th month and she had a boy.


JLorenzo - March 31

My wife didn't get sick once and we are having a girl...


BBK - March 31

Carol, none of that stuff works in predicting gender: Sickness, heartrate, shape of belly, sweet versus sour, acne vs glow, chinese calendar.... they all have the same odds 50-50! In our case every single wife's tale was wrong!


D - March 31

yes, and sometimes even the u/s interpretation is wrong.... I guess I'll just have to wait until October 15 (or whenever this kid decides to appear!) to find out for sure!


leslie - March 31

well i throw up at least 10 times a week!! (13 weeks)and my mother in law says that you have a gir if you have lots of m/s if that is true...I am having twins!! lol...I have to throw up every morning even if I don't eat..I hate it the good thing about this is that they say that if you have morning sickness the pregnancy is going ok!!


Alexis - March 31

I have 2 a girl and a boy with my dd I threw up once in my entire pregnancy and craved nothing but sweets, with my son I threw up everyday for 4 months and craved nothing but sour stuff. But I think that every pregnancy is different.


BBK - March 31

D, you're not kidding! One of my closest friends had to exchange lots of blue stuff for pink stuff, and re-paint the does that happen?! LOL


D - March 31

I have a friend who is a radiology tech, and just had a baby.... She emailed me and told me it was a boy... I went shopping, and have been making a cute blue winnie the pooh quilt.... I hope her girl likes it!


Jamie - April 1

I'm having a girl, but had barely any morning sickness - I'd get nauseous once every other week or so.


KellyB - April 1

I am having a girl and I didn't get throw up sick, just nausous, wasn't to bad. Eating usually solved it ;) I think that is just one of those old wives tales.


Gwiip - April 1

The only way to know for sure is at the birth look between the legs. Don't get to hung up on having a girl or you might miss out on all the fun of getting to know your son.



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