Bad News Please Read

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*Susan* - October 6

I just went in for my first ultrasound today and the doctor found that I was having a tubal pregnancy....I was around 2-3 weeks and had no signs of it..I am completely heartbroken and am so question is do any of you know when we should start trying again?? Should we start right after the pregnancy hormone gets out of my system or wait a while? Any advice would help. Anyone who has been through this before please respond...I would love to chat.


Steph - October 6

Sorry to hear about your problem...:( I have not been through it, so I can't help with any advice on that part. I would guess that you can start trying a month or two down the road, but I think that would be better answered by your doc. Sorry again to hear of your news.


Mica - October 6

Yes, ask your doctor. Is he/she giving you the 'chemical' way to end the tubal pregnancy or surgery? Is your tube in danger or does it look like you'll get to keep it? SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS!


Trish - October 7

Susan, Sorry to hear about your pregnancy. I can understand your pain as this happened to my sister and she was really disappointed as she lost her baby in the first few weeks. Her midwife was very encouraging and after having her first period, she tried again and she conceived immediately. I am happy to say she has a 18 month old gorgeous baby girl and the second one on the way due in Dec. So do not lose hope cos there is light at the end of the tunnel. I would advise you not to stop trying.


Sadey - October 7

Sorry for your loss.


*Susan* - October 7

I dont have to have any medication or surgery (thats the good news). My pregnancy hormone started decreasing so my doctor said it will eventually go away.....I asked him yesterday afternoon about when to start trying again and he said after my first cycle...So, when I pa__s the "baby", will that be considered my cycle? If anyone can help, please let me know!


Trish - October 7

Susan, babes you will have to wait til the pregnancy terminates on its own naturally. Its a good thing they wont operate on you as this reduces the chances of conceiving. After this, you will have to wait for your next proper period and thats when your body will go back to its normal routine. My sister had a miscarriage in April03 and she fell pregnant in June03.



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