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HH - February 2

Hello everybody, I just read that deli lunch-ready meat is not good for the baby, like Turkey, Ham, Baloni. It can cause some harm to the baby's brain. Throughout my pregnancy, I'm 22 weeks now, I did not eat any of those except last week..I had 2-3 Baloni sandwiches, I craved them so much. I just did not know that they were bad, and now I'm scared. Did I harm my baby?


k. - February 2

I think you should be fine... It's just a precaution!


Chas - February 2

Never heard of that. That's a new one to me !


krc - February 2

I hate bologna !!! YUCK !!! I never heard of that before. Actually i never heard of any " not to eat " foods while your pregnant. Eat whatever you want..consider your source who told you that? Where did you hear that?


HH - February 2

Thank you both so much. I'm feeling better. Since I posted my question, I'm glued to the monitor and refreshing the screen for answers. Phewwww that scared me. I won't eat anymore. By the way, Chas, check out this website, it tells you what you should eat and what you should avoid:


Drew - February 2

A similar question was just posted in regards to chili con queso and the cheese in it. Deli lucnch meats and cheeses used to harbour Listeria, a form of food poisioning that can be harmfull to unborn babies. Now with the modern food regulations, such as cheeses needing to be pasteurized, there is no need to avoid these foods. This was a concern years ago, and no longer is. You and your baby are fine.


HH - February 2

FYI: remove the dash after bandol and after htm. Again, thanks all for your answers, I'm feeling better by the second..but I still won't eat just incase, even though I love it yum yum!


Been There - February 2

I just read under the pregnancy and diet section on this site, that deli meats should be avoided, but hot dogs are okay to eat. Yet, I was told by my doctor to avoid Bologna and hotdogs (not other meats). Oh, and limit the seafoods, especially the ones high in mercury (salmon, tuna, etc.) to 6 ounces per week. I have a whole brochure from my pregnancy packet that talks about seafood. Yes, there is a list of things you should not eat during pregnancy due to their contents.


jg - February 2

I was told to avoid salami and cababa and other processed meats, so baloni would fall into that category. However I had a friend who craved salami and ate it flat out, and her baby was fine. Better safe than sorry though I reckon.


Suebee - February 3

I hear it's okay to eat deli meat as long as it's heated to a certain degree to kill bacteria. Apparently, deli meats can harbour some bacteria.They have nitrates in them as well, so their probably not the wisest choices to make, however, how can you deny a pregnant woman her cravings. As for harming your baby, I truly doubt it.


Chas - February 3

I have heard some shellfish and sushi are not to be eaten while preg.



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