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nicole - April 9

im catholic and would like to baptize the baby catholic and we already asked the lady we want to be the godmother and shes catholic too. so i was wondering does anyone know if the godparents have to be catholic in order to be godparents, bc we want to ask my stepdad to be the godfather but hes baptist. and i dont want to ask him and be told he cant do it bc hes not catholic.


Donna - April 9

Hi nicole, im catholic and my boyfriends sisters twins was getting baptised and she asked 2 people to be godparents but they couldnt because they wasnt catholic so her other option was me so i ended up being a godparent to them and so did my boyfriend, but you will just have to check at the church because alot of places do it differently.


Sarah - April 9

Hi Nicole! I'm Catholic too, and as far as I'm aware the Godparents have to be Catholic. I'm having a dilema because I want to have my baby baptised but I don't know any Catholic people who I could ask to be Godparents!


X - April 9

Most of my family are Baptists. However, a cousin is a Catholic and she had her baby baptized last year-- she has Baptist friends whom she asked to become godparents. All went, no problem. They were there for the baby, not the religion.


C - April 9

I am catholic and when we got our children baptized only one of the godparents had to be a confirmed catholic. The other it did not matter.


nicole - April 10

ok, i found out only one of the godparents needs to be catholic, but now i was wondering if both parents need to be married. i read somewhere that a requirement to even register for being baptized is that u both have to e married, and were not and wont be for some time, and i want this done while hes still an infant.


Sarah - April 10

Nicole, I have a friend who is Catholic and she is a single mum - never been married and she had her little boy baptised a Catholic. I think a lot of it varies from church to church.


Sonya - April 10

Hey my husband is Catholic but I am not so it was important to me to have one of the godparents be from another denomination. Our preist agreed to this but I think it is up to the individual preist. good luck.


A - April 10

Nicole, It depends on the church and how strick they are. My church (and my sisters) ask that at leat one of the godparents be catholic and the other has to be of some religion- or at least believe in god. Good luck!


Ariana - April 10

My friend babtized her daughter, she is catholic, the godfather is catholic, but I wasnt and i was also 16 at the time, and she was able to babtize her baby, though i did have to attend some cla__s, i dont remember much about it.



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