Barely Any Symptoms

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shepet - February 11

I'm 10 weeks...normal 8 week ultrasound (could hear the heartbeat!), all blood tests normal...and the problem is that I FEEL NORMAL! My br___ts aren't really as tender as they were in the beginning-I've never had any morning sickness...The only thing I can say is that I'm a little tired and I have terrible gas and bloating. Is this normal? I keep worrying that something's happened and I missed it.


Been There - February 11

For some reason, a lot of women think that they must suffer through symptoms to be pregnant. That's just not true. I feel fine all the time. My b___st tenderness has died down. It's truly okay to feel okay through the whole 9 months. Don't worry.


shepet - February 11



livdea - February 11

totally normal, other then being exhausted for about two weeks and maybe a week of feeling a little sick I have felt totally normal. Except now when baby is kicking and moving about! and I did have sore b___bs for a while but that went away too. But yep you're completely normal! Lucky You!


meg - February 12

I will be 10 weeks on Tuesday & I have also felt completely normal the entire time! This is my 1st, & I am definitely one of those women who thinks that she needs to be sick all of the time to be "normal." My dr. has rea__sured me that I do not have to feel any differently! I had an u/s at 6 weeks...saw the hb, & I have another u/s on Tuesday...I can't wait! - February 13

when I was pregnant with my son, I never had any morning sickness or nothing. The only thing that was different for me was I was tired all the time. I also knew when I was pregnant like a week to 2 weeks before my period was supposed to come b/c I would wake up in the morning and it would feel like Ive done hundreds of situps when I didn't even do anything the night before.


elisveta - February 13

I dont understand why soo many women think they must be sick all the time. Where do they get this info from? Have they never seen a pregnant woman who felt normal?


Ba8y6irl - February 13

nothing is happened you are fine! enjoy it!


shepet - February 13

elisveta-yes I've seen pregnant women without morning sickness-i was simply asking if it was normal to have no symptoms at all. like I said-it's my first and I don't know what I should be feeling. plus-I don't want to bug my doctor. thanks to all for your advice and help!



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