Be Careful To Those Sharing Pics

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Payton - January 13

Hi ladies! I'm not trying to freak you out or anything, but I would be very careful to where you post pictures of your loving family! This web site is full of women desperate to have a baby! I don't know if you just heard the case of the woman in Kansas city, but I would of never thought someone could be so extreme!!! If you ladies like to share pictures give your e-mails to eachother and do it on more of a safer level, e-mails can be decieveing!! Also to KM watch when you start putting full names!!! I agree they're both adorable and it's horrible that this day in age we can't even feel safe sharing a beautiful thing in life, but there's some crazies out there!!! Good Luck to all of you and your new addition!!


m - January 13

OMG!! I didn't know what you were talking about (KC), so I did some creative Google searching and figured it out. I am SICK SICK SICK to my stomach! I literally can feel my stomach turning. I hope they FRY that Lisa b___h! To those of you who also do not know this story, do a Google search for "Bobbi Jo Stinnett", and you will get a ton of hits that tell the story. Although you might want to steer clear if you have a weak stomach. I am physically affected by this.


Payton - January 13

Hi m, Yes!!! Disgusting isn't it!!! That's why I didn't even write it, I can barely even type out what happened! My husband and I are ttc and first I was scared of kidnapping and things like that after the baby would be born, but now we have unthinkable things to be afraid of!! It's such a horrible story the girl was only 23 and happyily married!!! I'm so sick about it as well considering I only live three hours away of where it happened!!!! You can get on as well they keep the public posted on what's happening with her trial, they're trying their hardest to not let her get insanity since the sicko had it premeditated from the day she met the young lady!!! UGGGHH! i CAN'T BARE THE THOUGHT!!! Just when I started to see women sharing very personal pics of their family and babies, there are millions of women that get on this forum a week!!! I just want them to think twice!


KM - January 13

I don't see how anyone on here could find out, I have never met anyone who lives where I do or even KNOWS where it is lol. Plus my last name is not the same as my sons, and I just really dont think ne one could find us.But thanks for the advice, I'm actually kind of worried now lol..that is really awful I've read about that case before,, there definitely are crazy ppl out there.



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