Leah - December 10

Ok! So it's Friday and I always look forward to the weekend! and along with that drinking some beers! But the past two weeks, I haven't even had a slight craving and actually the thought of having one kind of makes me gringe. I'm a full on german! I usually love a cold one! Has any other women experienced this?? That love beer?


Leah - December 10

Sorry, I didn't quite finish my question, I should get my period on the 14th, but I'm very unsure if I'm pregnant or not. I think it would be too early to tell, because if my husband and I did concieve it would of been around the 29th of Nov. But my other symptoms are headaches, backaches, thirsty!!! and I've been craving french fries, and I'm a health nut! Not like me!!


.... - December 10

Your a health nut that craves beer?...Sounds like you could be anyway...a craving for carbs is an early sign..so is being thirsty all the time...I would keep holding off on the beer at least until you get your AF


m - December 10

I have always been a big beer drinker. When I was preggo with my first son, I lost my taste for beer even before I knew I was pregnant. I moved to wine at that point. But also, when I was pregnant with my 2nd son, I didn't like the smell of it when my hubby had one.You could always do a test today or in the morning just for the heck of it. But if you do, make sure you know that it may not show positive until after your missed period.... a__suming you miss it. Good luck!


LeahP - December 10

Ha! I did contradict myself pretty badly there!! Ok, so I eat very healthy, take my vitamins, and exercise four times a week, but beer and wine are my guilty pleasure!! Hey, we all have one! Thanks for your response m, that's my concern is at least going out and having a few just to get together with some friends, but really i don't really even want one and the thought makes me kind of sick, you have me really wondering now!! I did take a test yesterday because there's just too many odd things going on with my body! It was even the senstive strips, that say you can test 6-8 days after conception, I'm starting to get discouraged! I know I should wait until to see if my period come, I only have about three days to go!!



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