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Aoibhe - October 11

Hi all. I would be grateful if someone, anyone, could offer some advice to me. I have posted on here before and not had many responses, but this one is more important to me now than ever. I lost my baby on Saturday at 8weeks, and i am finding it very hard to come to terms with it. I know it is early days, but i am certain that i want to begin trying again. I have been advised to wait for 3 - 6mths (6mths is best she said!) but i Know i can't. I am looking for anyones input on trying straight away, obviously i dont wanna do harm to myself, or a baby, and wouldnt try if it meant there'd be a risk to the baby so soon? Ive tried hard to find a reason why it happened, i havent heard back from the lab yet, but one thing i know is that my recent cervical smear test came back "to be repeated" and am also wondering could there be something wrong with me that may have caused it? I can't repeat the smear until ive had "one normal period" and it has to be 2weeks after that, which is ovulation time, when i'd prefer to be trying to conceive?? cant bear the thought of waiting till the next time i ovulate after the smear because cycle is irregular and i want to be pregnant so much. i am sorry for going on, but please do reply with any helpful tips or stories. Thanks all x x x


Jessica - October 11

I lost my baby at 6 weeks and I was so upset thinking I went through all that pain with no result. The DR. also advised me to wait 3-6 months. 4 months later I became pregnant again and gave birth to a very healthy baby girl. Keep your head up things will get better.


ray - October 11

i'm so sorry i had the same but my baby was 10 weeks and i got told by my friends to try straight the way i know they told you to wait but you know with in yourself if you are ready let me know if this has helped oh and don't blame yourself like i did i think that most babies don't make it as when they are growing in side of you there can be a number of reasons why a baby don't survive so please don't blame yourself for something that wasn't your fault all the best love ray xx


Viv - October 11

Aoibhe, we share your grief. I'm sure you are familiar with Elisabeth Kubler Ross ( )and her works on death. The same set of emotions apply to any of life's tragedies, be it loss of job, divorce, or miscarriage. I think it is very desirable for a person to reach the acceptance stage before exposing themselves to the same sequence of events. This may be one of many reasons the doctor advised you to wait a while.


michelle - October 11

A miscarriage is a very hard thing to go through. I was 5 weeks when I had mine. My body flushed it all out, and my doctor didn't advise me to wait at all. However, many people say they were told to wait at least one full period. Like everything else, it all depends on the woman. I didn't even wait one full period. I watched my ovulation tests, and we were pregnant the first time. I am only hoping it turns out ok. Please do not beat yourself up. Miscarriage is actually VERY common. It is your body's way of telling you there was something wrong. If you are religious, rely on prayer along with friends and family. I am a religious person, and prayer helped me. However, if you aren't religious, lean on the people around you. I found that loved ones can be so caring in a time like this. I wish you the best of luck!


KRISTA - October 11

i had a misscarige in 2003 and i was 6 wks. 2 months later i got pregnant with my daughter who came out just fine so best of luck.


Sabrina - October 11

You need to be patient and wait - everything is for a reason. Wait until you have the test before you try again. If it turns out that you need treatment, you want to get it before you get pregnant. You don't want to risk you life or your baby's safety and health. Another reason to wait a couple of cycles is that if anything wasn't cleared out and you get pregnant again, the debris could fall on the baby and cause another miscarriage. Also, if you had a D&C, it weakens to uterine lining, which is why you should give it a few months to rebuild and strengthen. The good news is that you are more fertile than before and will be that way for almost another year. Your body is ready for ababy mode and when you start trying again, it will probably be successful sooner. Hang in there - it will happen!


Aoibhe - October 12

Thanks everyone for helps to know that things can get better. I am so impatient, so it'll be a killer to wait but obviously if its best for baby and me, thats what i'll do. Just till everything back in proper working order. Would i be right in saying that if there was a problem with my cervix that it would have been spotted during the D & C? Worried sick about it being something serious. Also,how long til i stop feeling pregnant? such an unfair experience.


BoomGirl - October 15

I lost mine at around 8 weeks. I didnt have any pregnancy symtoms. but I thought I could never wait for 6 months. but then I started a new job and tried not to think of getting pregnant right away. because if I had been impatient and gone ahead and got pregnant again, and if something happened to the baby, I could never forgive myself and also could not handle a second misfortune so soon. so I guess, Iet nature take its course and we are now expecting again after 8 months of patience. but time flew quickly since I tried to keep myself busy with other things...



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