Being Further Along

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Linda - October 27

hi everyone, my niece is suppose to be 15 weeks pregnant, when she saw her OB today he said she was measuring 25 weeks. and that he thought she was either further along (hey but thats alot to me) or she is having twins. he wants her to have a level 2 ultrasound ( i am not sure what the the difference is) next week..anyone else heard of something like this? we are pretty sure she couldn't be that far along.


karine - October 27

Here is what i found on the subject. i just pasted it from the page: Level Two ultrasound A Level Two ultrasound is a much more thorough exam using much more sophisticated equipment. This exam is often recommended for high-risk pregnancies or when irregularities are found in a Level One ultrasound. It generally takes more than an hour to complete


Jessica - October 27

Dont let Karine scare you with that info. I am 18 weeks pregnant and just had my level 2 ultrasound wednesday morning and I am not high risk. Some doctors are just more precautious than others. At this u/s they will measure all of the babies bones, check the brain and the heart, tell the s_x if you want to know and much more thorough measurments and examining. They also look for markers for downsyndrome and trisomy 18. I do not know why the baby is measuring big but I am sure you will get answers when you have the u/s done. Good luck to you and I will say a little prayer for ya.


:) - October 27

I do not see how your neice could be a whole 10 weeks off about her due date! I'm sure she isn't, it sounds like she might be having twins.? Do twins run in either family? Good luck to your neice, hope all turns out well!


YC - October 28

Jessica is right, Level II's are not just for high risk pregnancies. Everyone gets one at about 20 weeks to measure bones, heart, bladder, brain, etc. It also looks for markers for things like down syndrome. It's totally routine but some doctors dont call it a Level II. Wow, ten weeks ahead. It does sound like twins. Keep us posted.


karine - October 28

LOL. i wasnt scaring her. its what i found and i did write that i copied and pasted the info.



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