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L - July 19

I am being induced tomorrow and would like to know what to expect. My doctor really didnt explain anything. Is it really worse than natural labor???


Lissi - July 19

L, I haven't had any experience myself but I think it's generally accepted that inducement makes the contractions stronger and therefor more painful. All of the women I've spoken to, who have been through one, all agree that once you have a healthy baby in your arms, you forget all about the pain. They also say that once you get to the pushing stage, it's really helps you deal with the pain and it feels good to push. Hope everything goes smoothly for you. Sorry I can't be of more help. Good luck for tomorrow!


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - July 19

When I was induced with my first I went into the hospital at 5pm. They hooked me up to fetal monitors (they put a elastic belt with monitors on it around your belly) and monitored the baby for about 1 hour. Then they gave me a dose of Cervidil to help thin the cervix. I was only a fingertip dilated when I went in. The Cervidil is a little piece of plastic with some magic chemicals on it. It's inserted like a tampon would be, and you don't feel it. I was able to walk around and do whatever I wanted. They took the monitors off me about 30 min after the Cervidil dose, after they were sure the baby didn't have an adverse reaction. Each dose lasts for 12 hours. After the first, I only dilated to 2cm. They gave me a second, and I dilated to 4cm. My doctor was now able to break my water. Then they gave me a 3rd and final dose, along with Pitocin. As soon as the contractions got intense, which is really soon after they started the Pitocin, I got the beloved epidural. 52 hours after arriving and being induced, I had to have an emergency C Section. My body and my baby weren't responding well to the induced labor and I had to have a c section. They are more common in induced labors, especially those that include Pitocin. I'm telling you this so you can prepare yourself if a c section becomes necessary. I was totally caught off guard and it was the last thing I expected. I hope you have a great labor and delivery. Best wishes! :o)



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