Believe Her Or Not

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Jim - September 14

I have been seeing this girl for the last month we had protected s_x the first weekend and she told she had just gottin off her period three days prior. The following next two weeks we had unprotected s_x pulling out of method off course. I found out during that third week she had sleept around with another person. So of course I did what anyother person would do and moved on. She called me yesterday and told me she was pregnant, that she had went to the doctors that day and they did blood work with postive results with in a few hours. Can blood work be done that quick? And how should I react? I know I pulled out way in advanced. I just dont know what to do and would like some advice.


Viv - September 14

Let's see. Three days prior. You first had s_x on Day 8. A week later it would have been Day 15. The third week it would have been Day 22. The fourth week would have been Day 29 and she missed her period. Ovulation occurs on Day 14. Anything later than say, Day 16 the egg would have not been viable. Congratulations Daddy! Yes, the blood work comes back right away, and the result could have been positive by Day 22 or shortly thereafter. Be careful, now. There are a few women who make a living collecting money for abortions they don't need or have. And another thing you don't know for sure, she may have been pregnant before you met her.


Kay - September 14

Well, I don't know how quickly blood tests run, but I know that there is a chance you could be a father, and a chance you are not a father. Yes, you pulled out pretty quickly, but quite honestly I think you had every right to if she was messing around with somebody else while seeing you. However, if the baby does turn out to be yours, don't be sad. It's the best thing that'll ever happen to you. I hope things work out for you either way, though.


OMG!!! - September 15

Here we go with that all too reliable pull out method. That was sarcasm by the way. Pulling out is not even 25% reliable. Who the hell has taught people that it is a form of birth control to begin with??



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