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A Gift - March 2

Just thought I should introduce myself. I started using this forum yesturday for the first time. I'm from South Africa. I think its great that we can gain knowledge, get support and encouragment and talk about our situations (pregnant or trying) with each other. We all have one very common goal - a baby, a new life.


E - March 2

Welcome Belle!!! Are you prego or ttc?


Belle - March 2

Hi E. Thanks for the welcome. We are ttc and you? Right now it is 16h00pm, Where are you from and what is the time difference?


E - March 2

I am in Boston and it is 9:00am. I am 36 weeks pregnant and you will see me complaining about it for the next 3 or 4 weeks:) No, I am acutally thrilled but in much pain (lower back). Good luck ttc and keep everyone updated!! This is a great site but sometimes a psycho tries to spoil everyone's mood or takes pleasure in another person's misery.


Heavenly - March 2

Welcome Belle! Wow! South Africa? I bet that is an exciting place to live. I would love to visit there some day. Godd luck with the ttc :o) I am currently 27 weeks. I feel like I have a basketball in my belly.


rose - March 2

hi belle..and welcome....this really is a great site!!! ...E, you are in boston!!! ive spent so much time there!!! i am from rhode island but temporarily living in connecticut(i hate it here) but at least i am close to new york city...where is everyone else from???


d - March 2



kelly - March 2

HI belle i am new here also. I am from good old PA. Anyone else from Pa.


MandyD - March 2

Hey Belle - do you know there are other South Africans here?? They usually post on the Signs of Pregnancy forum though. Their names are Estee P & Jules. They'd love to meet a fellow SA!! Welcome to the board!! : )


MandyD - March 2

Sorry Belle - I didn't realize I was ON the SOP forum! I jump back & forth b/t this one and GPQ. : )


MandyD - March 2

OMG! I'm so sorry - I have completely lost it! I swear! My brain has left me for a while! : ( Please disregard my last post (2nd one)!


Belle - March 3

Hi guys! wow, what a great welcome from everyone. Thank you.


Belle - March 3

Oh, and I also noticed that someone sent a negative comment using the name 'belle' - please do not think it was me. I can't remember where it was.


Ashley - March 3

Welcome Belle. I'm Ashley from Canada and 35 weeks preggo. This is a great site with lots of useful info. I've learned so much from this forum.


P - March 3

Hello Belle. I'm Paula from Ontario, Canada. I'm having my baby shortly. Next Friday to be exact! Yay!! Peanut's already giving me att_tude; They couldn't tell the s_x because s/he was hiding and now s/he has decided not to turn so I have to have a c-section! *sigh* I think my baby's already a brat... lol


P - March 3

Good luck with ttc by the way.


Belle - March 3

To all the women who responded and who are pregnant: CONGRATULATIONS!!! let us know about the delivery (I'm curious). To all the women out there who are ttc like me - if you need to vent, cry, voice dissapointment, ask questions, hope, rejoice - whatever, we are all here to support each other, don't keep it in. Good luck.



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