Belly Button Piercing

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rns91294 - July 4

Okay, 11 years ago I got my belly button pierced. I no longer have the stomach for it like I used to, but I really like it and hate the "hole" it leaves when yuo take it out. However, I know it can not stay in while I am pregnant. I also know that in 9 months, the hole will close up leaving a scar, but I won't be able to put the ring back in. This is fine since I have no choice, but does anyone know when it needs to come out? I mean, can I keep it in during the first trimester and take it out once I begin to show, or does it have to come out right away? Also, for those taking pregnancy tests, and say bfp or bfn....I know what the p and n stands for, but what does bf stand for? Thanks!


sarahbaby11 - July 4

i kept mine in throughtout my whole firsst pregnancy. the is no set point on when you have to take it out. you will feel it pull and then you know.


rns91294 - July 4

Really? That's great! I won't keep it in the whole time, probaby remove it once I start showing, but I wanted to make sure there was no harm in having it in right now. Thanks!


Patti - July 4

My Dr. saw my hole and said it's a good thing I took it out because they would have me take it out later in pregnancy. I guess every Dr. is different.


venus_in_scorpio - July 4

this is my first and my doctor told me i might not have to take mine out. im 20 weeks and its still in there.... :o)


livdea - July 4

I took mine out around 27 weeks...right after I got back from going home to Hawaii! I had to have it in while wearin my bikini!! Out of shear curiosity I tried to put it back in a couple of weeks ago...into my very swollen 37 week belly...surprisingly it slid right in! That area though is really dark, I don't know if it has scared or what? I don't have any stretch marks yet but my piercing area is really dark. nonetheless, keep it in until you feel like taking it out!


rns91294 - July 4

This is all wonderful news! Thank you all very much. For some reason, I thought you HAD to take it out, and I just got so used to it being there. It is like a part of me now. lol. If I have to take it out, then so be it, but until then, you have all made me feel much better about it!!! Thanks!


Dakotachristy84 - July 5

there is actually a belly ring made for pregnancy. it's kind of just like a fishing line that grows with you so the metal one doesn't push out. i will have to try and find the website and give it too you. i haven't used it but i also have a belly ring. i took it out with my 3rd baby, but i ended up lossing the baby. i had it out for a couple of months and was able to get it back in, but not without a little but if a fight. i kept sticking a ear ring through it to make sure that it was still pierced. then when i went to put it back in i had to have my b/f cut the top of the skin just a little bit. nothing to make it bleed or anything just to get the ring through. So i am now almost 10 weeks pregnant and i don't want to go through it again so i am going to get the pregnany ring. Good luck i'll get back to you with that website.


krystina - July 5

you dont HAVE to take it out.. im 32 weeks though and took mine out about a month ago because i got so big and it hurt having it in.. but having it pierced for so long i dont think it will heal up in only a couple months.. mines not even close to healing up yet


1st_time_mommy - July 5

i had this debate as well i wasnt sure if i should take mine out or not, I went for my 20 week ultrasound and they told me to take it out but as soon as i left there i put it right back in i dont like the hole it leaves either or the scar so i am keeping mine in because the way things look now at 24 weeks and 1 day my belly b___ton isnt going to pop ..if your belly b___ton does go flat and you want to keep the piercing you can try putting a toungue barbell in it then there is lots of space and it wont rip out!


rns91294 - July 5

I don't like the scar it leaves either. I guess I will see what the Dr says and try to keep it in as long as I can. Dakotachristy, let me know that website.


luvmydogs - July 6

This is the website that I bought mine from...they are also packaged in a sterile wrapper/bag and come in different colors! Hope this helps!


rns91294 - July 6

Thanks! I will definitely be buying one of those. They aren't bad looking either!!


LoVeLyMoMmY - July 7

I kept mine for about 5months then ir got to a point where my belly was too big and it was just depends on you


Dakotachristy84 - July 7 go to that website. i only saw one there but it's really cheap. but i am going to check out that other website. cuz i want to keep mine in.


Dakotachristy84 - July 7 works too if that web address doesn't



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