Belly Button Piercings

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Christina - April 30

I was wondering if anybody on here had a bellybutton peircing and what you did with it while you were pregnant I am 6 months along and dint know if i should take it out or not. I put a little stud in there to keep the hole there so I dont need to get it repierced. Should that be ok?


36+ weeks - April 30

I have a belly ring also I kept it in for the complete pregnancy of my daughter (know 3 years old) and had no problems except the odd Dr. laughing at me I find the bones are no good as they catch easy on your clothes as you get bigger I really like the rings (sleeper looking rings) make sure you play with it alot so that as your stomach gets bigger it does not let the skin stick. You should be fine. My Dr. still talks about my ring with my daughter as I was the first patient he had that delivered with their ring in still.


nelly - May 1

i wish i could have kept mine in i had to take mine out around 6 months because of the way im gaining. mine actually starting bleeding and getting very sore so i had to take it out and when i did the skin was so tight aroud it, it barely came out. however one of my husband and i's best friend owns a tattoo shop and he will be able to pierce it again for me . maybe you will be able to keep yours in. congrats with your baby.


Ree - May 1

I kept my bellyring in until I was about 7 months pregnant, but I had to take it out because it caused stretch marks to actually come from the top hole of the piercing and spread across my belly. Now my bellyb___ton sort of droops because of it. Everybody is different and has different skin. Take care of yours!


April - May 1

I took mine out when i was about 26 weeks... i had a flexible one in, but i got a stretch mark right where the top of the bar came out... my doctor also told me that sometimes belly rings can cause a PERMANENT brown mark around the belly ring, because the skin gets so tight and sensitive that the ball constantly rubs on your belly... so i didn't want to chance it... i just took it out.. i still run the bar through it every few days to keep it open.. i'm glad i took it out though.. the stretchmark doesn't look as red now...



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