Belly Button Popped

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kari15 - May 30

I'm 31 weeks preggers, and last night my belly button popped out....i'm not a huge fan of this....i guess my ? is does it go back to normal after my baby's born???? has anyone else's belly button popped out???? i just don't like it...esp. since i'm already self-conscience about my body...any advice would help thanks!


flower.momma - May 30

Yeah my belly b___ton popped around the same time as yours. My husband called it my turkey timer, even though I wasn't even close to done. Towards then end, I got so big that it went totally flat, like a pancake. It went back in immediately after my girl was born, but looked a little different. Now I am 14 weeks pregnant, and I know it will happen again. I kind of thought it was cute though. There was nothing I could do to stop it, and it completely showed through t-shirts. Just embrace your body right now and know that there is nothing you can do until the baby is born.


Aimes - May 30

There are these things I just saw in a magazine (either Glamour of In Style) that look like band-aids and they go over your belly b___ton so it doesn't show it poking out. Not sure the name or if they really work, but I bet if you search on something like this you can find them. If it bothers you that much, might be worth it


amethyst_dragonfly - May 30

This is silly, but... did it hurt? did u just FEEL it bulge out!? what was it like, I mean, did you actually see it pop out?!? This is so exciting :-)


sophandbob - May 30

mine is in the process now. my boyf describes it as a little volcano. it doesn't hurt, but is freaky to see!!!


kari15 - May 30

thanks for all the responses!!! mine was gradual too....but in the shower last night i noticed it completely popped! it doesn't hurt at all... it's just fiance likes to play with it toolol..... although we don't have any cute names for it yet


Corrine321 - May 30

I actually like my belly b___ton popped out! I think it looks cute! lol! But mine popped out when i was about 3-4 months along! But agian i was very tiny starting out!



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