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Ashley - March 2

Just wondering if anyone elses belly button looks bruised. Surrounding my belly button area it looks really blue - is that normal. Its also really sensitive to touch.


rose - March 2

i dont remember mine looking bruised during pregnancy but i do remember it feeling very sensitive...i a__sumed it was just from sure its normal though


Ashley - March 2

thanks for your reply rose.


Blaise - March 2

Mine isnt bruised and is a little sensitive, however I have a pulling sensation on the back of my belly b___ton (umbilical cord) which can be slightly painful, does yours do that?


Missy - March 2

Well, mine isn't bruised, but I have noticed that it's becoming more of an "outtie" than an "innie" I am going to end up with a huge popped out belly b___ton. And my mom, ever so helpful, offers me a Band-Aid and says to use that when the belly b___ton pops out....sheesh.


MandyD - March 2

I think the pregnant lady, stuck out belly b___ton is CUTE! Don't use that band aid girl! : )


Missy - March 2

LOL - My mom's answer to LIFE is a band-aid!!! She is hilarious - she spills coffee on her hand -- bandaid, dogs scratch her -- bandaid, new shoes - bandaid. My mom is quite the charactor, I have a feeling when she babysits my kid will come back as a gigantic band-aid!!


Ashley - March 2

LOL Missy. You're mom sounds funny. My belly b___ton has been sticking out since around 12 weeks. It just popped out. I hate it cause no matter how thick my shirt is all you see is my belly b___ton - it sticks out so far. Blaise, I actually do feel that pulling sensation from the back of my belly also. Its just weird cause all around the belly b___ton is all blue it seriously looks bruised.


to blaise - March 2

that was really funny, but you know the umbilical cord isnt stuck to your bellyb___ton, right???


P - March 3

My name is Paula and I have a defective belly b___ton. There, I feel better now. The first step is admitting you have a defect right? My belly b___ton is off-centre. That line that goes up your belly? It starts where it's supposed to but then it hitches about an inch to the right to catch my belly b___ton and then moves back to the middle after it pa__ses the b___ton. Ah well, I guess everyone needs at least one flaw.... lol


momof3 - March 3

Missy, LOL!! that is so funny. Hey for Christmas You should go to costco and get her a super size package of band-aids..


Missy - March 3

I was thinking of having a full body size band-aid made so she could just band-aid herself....LOL My mom is hilarious....I am only just over 9 weeks and she already wants to have the baby shower!!


Mika - March 10

Around my belly b___ton has gotten darker, and looks a little brusied but it's not sensitive at all.


Kelly K - March 10

My mom always said that was a sign that the baby was cooked and ready.. like the red popper on a turkey :)


Carie - April 6

Mine is not bruised but it feels that way just under my belly b___ton. Every now and then I feel a slight burning foro a second or two in the same area. Anyone know if this is normal. Yes Yes I'm sure you can tell its my first....


grandma - April 6

you need to go to the doctor because thats not good at all.a.s.a,p.


mom25 - February 2

I think outie belly b___tons are cute. I have an outie now and I hope it goes back in after I have my baby. Its so weird looking but really ctute. Its such a sensitive outie but hopefully it won't be for long



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