Belly Button Ring

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Danielle - November 19

Has anyone been pregnant and kept their belly button ring in the whole pregnancy? i am 7 weeks and i don't want to take it out. does it expand as you get bigger? please help


angela - November 19

I had one but I had to take it out because I was pierced so deep so i think I took it out at 4 months. My doctor said he has seen some leave it in. I would just get a realy big ring so it has plenty of room as your belly stretches.


dana - November 20

i had one and had to take it out because it started to get infected and wasn't really looking right. the ring was popping upward as i got bigger...


Jess - November 20

I had mine through my whole first pregnancy, and I am still wearing it now. (I am 4 months pregnant right now) I took it out for delivery, just in case it got caught on something. :) It may start to stick out a bit, so I decided on a barbell type, not a ring. Good Luck!


m - November 20

I took mine out both times just incase. I just went and got re-piereced after the baby was born.


Jennifer - November 20

I took mine out at about 5 months, and b/c of the piercing it was the only strech mark i got. good luck


Danielle - November 20

Thank you for your replys, it has helped. I have switched over to a barbell just in case. I really don't want to remove it because i don't think i will be able to get it repierced. my sister had surgery and had to take hers out and it closed up and now she has an ugly scar. i definitely don't want that since i don't even have stretch marks from my first two children (which i didn't have a belly ring with either). thank you for your help


zoe - November 21

i left my belly bar in the whole 40weeks


concerned - November 24

i kept mine in throughout my first pregnancy but with my second i had to take it out at 16 weeks. your body will let you know when to take it out, and dont worry if you have to take it out you will be able to put it back in after the birth because the hole does not close.


Donna - November 24

ive kept mine in uptoo now i have to take it out when i go for scans and probably will when i get further but i can get it back in there straight after


Angie - November 28

I tried to leave mine in but as my belly grew it pushed the ring to the surface. I took it out but it was too late the skin that was over the ring broke and that was the only scare I ended up with after having the baby. In my opinion its not worth the risk or trouble, just get it pearced again after. Good luck!


T - November 29

I wore my ring through my whole pregnancy....and it did stretch a little bit but it is going back to doctor told me to do what felt comfortable...if it starts to pull or get sore take it can even use fishing line..or something that will give! Good Luck!


Lynn - November 30

Ohhh, yes, take it out! I was about 20 weeks when I was finally talked into removing it. And Im sure glad I did. Im a__suming this your 1st pregnancy? You belly will strech & grow above & beyond what you think. Mine had just enough time to "heal", but now, the scares have moved upward above my belly b___ton. If I would have left it in longer, with not enough time 4 it to heal, it would have looked like I had 3 belly b___tons! So, yes, unless you wanna take the chance, Id take it out now! (o; Good luck w/everything! Enjoy your pregnancy!!


Tracy Schramm - December 8

I suggest taking it out. I took mine out and the hole stretched and now I have a scar there. Either way, you may be left with a scar. I hate it and wish i never pierced mine. I have been putting stretch mark cream on it to fade it. Hope this helps.


stephanie - December 8

I had to take my belly-b___ton ring out, it's not the most comfortable thing in there when your belly gets bigger, I do know some people that kept their's in, but I couldn't, no matter how much I wanted to keep it in, it's more comfortable not in there, now & then I do still poke the ring through cause once the baby is born I hope to be able to put it back in...good luck & my advice is keep it in there as long as possible if you want to keep it that much, as long as it's comfy there is no harm in keeping it, it doesn't do anything but sit there


KM - December 8

Mine stretched also. the skin all around the piercing is all brown now. it seems to be getting less and less tho. I only had my baby two wks ago, does anyone know if this fades ??


Susan - December 27

I'm 8 months pregnant, and I still have mine in. I've had to get a longer size gauge twice now and have switched from a ring to a bar (surgical steel quality). It's important to listen to your body and change the size as soon as it starts to pull, feel uncomfortable, or turn red. I also have a white, plastic PVC bar that I got for $10 that I'll probably use during delivery. They often don't like to have metal in you during surgery, etc.. Good Luck!



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