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Michele - December 30

I have a belly button ring (boy did that hurt to get it pierced!) and I was wondering now that I am pregnant, do I have to take it out? I have not seen my Dr. yet so I am posting here and hoping any of you may know. Thanx girls.


b - December 30

i heard u have to take it off cuz my friend got pregnant and she had her belly peirced she had to take it off i guess its cuz ur stomachs gets bigger


Kate - December 30

I am 19 weeks and have not taken mine out yet. I found a website that sells fexible plastic naval bars that are specifically for during pregnancy. The website is I got one and I think it was $6.00. I have not changed from a normal metal one yet. I am waiting until my belly gets bigger, and if it is uncomfortable I will change it. My Dr. said that as long as it is not bothering me I can leave it in. Hope that answers your question.


T - December 30

I took mine out. It was so hard for me to do, I have had it for so long. But now I am glad. There would have been no way one could stay in. It would be so tight and uncomfortable. That's my experience.


Tasha - December 30

Im 27 weeks and still have mine. Its not uncomfortable at all for me. Its all personal preferance. If it doesnt bother you leave it alone. Take it out if it does.


Marlene - December 30

I had to take mine out @about 14wks because my belly b___ton started to stick out. If that wouldnt have happened I would have left it in. Your body will let you know if you have to take it out.


rl - December 30

with my 2nd son I kept it in the whole time did start to get a bit irritated near the very end and I was thinking about taking it out but then I had him. Now I am prego again but I took mine out about a year ago just got tired of it


Brittany - December 30

Hey, with my first pregnancy, I took my ring out at 5 months. I had it 4 years prior to getting pregnant so once I had my son, I put it right back in. The skin around it looks stretched a bit but no one can tell without being up close. This is my second pregnancy and I still have it in...I'm 15 weeks. So hopefully I can put it back in again once the baby gets here. Good luck!


cat - December 30

I have one too. I think I may keep it in until the very end. the Dr. told me that I have to take it out if I have to end up having a c-section because they have to steralize that whole belly area.


courtney - December 31

had mine done too,and had to take it out. now the top hole and bottom hole are about, 4 inches apart. but i also have gained 55 lbs. and look like im carrying triplets!


sye - December 31

i thought about getting a belly b___ton ring after my pregnancy and i asked my husband and he said "women with belly b___ton rings have flat stomachs" i was like "what's that supposed to mean?" so, he pretty much discouraged me from getting one and hurt my feelings as well....


cb - January 1

Hi Michele, I also have mine pierced, and I left it in with my first pregnancy, had no problems with it, and doctor said it was fine, I am now 28 weeks pregnant with twins and I still have it in, but I do have a plastic maternity one in!! And it is fine, I should be able to keep it in till the end. I will just have to take it out if I have to hace a c-section... Its all up to you, and how comftable you are with it in, but there are no medical reasons to have to take it out.


*~sunny*~ - January 2

I used a pregnancy retainer in mine, changed it to one when I was 8 weeks pregnant, and I had no problems, I managed to keep the piercing in throughout my whole pregnancy. The only thing that did happen was I ended up with a not so luverly stretchmark running right through it, and I wonder sometimes if that would have happened if I had of taken it out!! There are plenty of websites that sell the pregnancy retainers, they are normally made of a soft PTFE Plastic, and so therfore bend and stretch, moulding themselves to the shape of your evergrowing belly.


leslie - January 2

I have my nipples pierced, and do not want to take them out! BUT I know how much theyll start hurting when they grow, so I know that soon- my favorite piercings will have to go bye bye!


MonaT - January 2

Hey michele, i have a belly ring and i'm nearly 6 weeks pregnant. I'm in the same boat but i was reading on the internet that is it fine to have the belly ring during pregnancy but if it is annoying or hurting u , u should take it off. I also read that u can put a cotton string thru the piercing. Good luck and i hope u find a solution



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