Belly Piercing

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as - August 30

What do you do when your tummy gets big. Will the belly button piercing be ok still... or do I have to take it out??


kellie - August 28

i have a friend that has a belly b___ton ring and she had to take it out because the holes seperated apart so it might be in your best interest to take it out so the holes do not tear....she said that she did it last time too and she put it back in once the baby was born and it was fine. she has nothing in it now so if you have had it for awhile it should be fine to take out and leave out for awhile after you start getting bigger


tabitha - August 29

i took mine out at around 3 months and it went right back in after i had the baby. i am 5 months now and still have it in.


Ashley - August 30

I have my top and bottom of my belly b___ton pierced, and I was told I could keep them in as long as they didn't hurt. I had to take my top one out at like 5 months or so. I still have the bottom one in, I just had to put in a longer bar, and I am 8 months. It is really a matter of comfort.


erin - November 4

i had my top and bottom pierced and took out the bottom one at about 6mnths and then i took out the top one at about 8mnths. i have heard that if you leave them in you have to take them out during delivery and then after delivery the holes were disgustingly huge.


KM - November 4

I have mine pierced on top and I took it out a couple mnths ago.(im almost 38 wks). It didn't hurt or anything, but the whole has stretched a lot and is definitely not pretty, its all redish/purple and looks like a second belly b___ton lol.


m - November 4

I took mine out as soon as my belly started to grow. I was afraid it would get infected during the stretching. In my own opinion, I would take it out and then just get it put back in after the baby gets here. Better safe than sorry.


KM - November 4

My doctor told me you can keep it in with no problems. but it does get reallyyy ugly lol


Rainie - November 4

I've had my piercing for 5 years prior to my pregnancy, so it's healed up pretty good. I took out the ring when I found out I was pregnant, now I'm in my 7th month and I found that I can still wear barbells in the piercing. I left it in for a couple days but the tightness of my skin made it uncomfortable and it got a little red. So, I'd say if you can still wear it and its comfortable go ahead, but I think it's pretty much a case by case basis... depending on how long you have had it, how big you are... things like that.



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