Belly Size Changes During Pregnancy

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Dave J. - May 1

My wife is 16-17 weeks along in her pregnancy, and for the past couple days is convinced that her stomach seems smaller than it did four or five days ago. Is this possible? She hasn't had any bleeding or anything like that. Has anyone else had their belly get (temporarily) smaller at this point in the pregnancy? It would seem to me that the baby is still small enough that a small change in its position could affect how big the mom is/feels. She's pretty concerned about it, though. Thanks for any info.


Alexi - May 1

Some women aren't even showing at 16-17 weeks!!!! i showed pretty early, and i took belly pictures once a week... and in the beginning, there are a couple pics that look out of sequence because one week looks smaller than the previous. It's okay! They really don't start monitoring the size of the belly until 28 weeks and up! This is okay!!! Part of "showing" in the beginning sometimes is just water weight, and that fluctuates even with women that aren't pregnant! If you're really concerned, ask the doctor at your next appointment, but without any cramping or bleeding, i wouldn't worry too much!!! i just want to add that i think it's awesome how supportive you seem to be!


Dave J. - May 1

Thanks--that's good to hear. She's very nervous because of an earlier miscarriage, but this pregnancy is much farther along, and all the preliminary tests/ultraounds have come back with good results. Still, I just think we're a little more likely to notice things that we would be if it had not been for the first miscarriage.


olivia - May 1

Her belly will do lots of crazy things in the weeks to come. If the baby moves it can really change things. My baby would stick her b___t out and I would be huge, but then be on her side and it looked like I had two legs sticking out of my right belly. Some days it was like a scene in an alien movie and a big lump would roll across my belly and then everything would be crooked. If she is thin to begin with it will be lots of fun to watch. I am not sure when the events started for us but I wouldn't worry unless there is bleeding or cramping. Congratulations on your baby to be!


Stace - May 1

Wow creepy I'm having thexact same thing. I think its down to two things. Firstly you do get use to the size and so it can seem smaller and secondly I think my baby has changed position. One thing I do know is thats its nothing to worry about.


michellep - May 1

My stomach seems smaller than it did last week too. I am also at 16 weeks. I was thinking it's because I am somewhat tall and that my uterus is probably expanding upward, so everything can go back in somewhat.


Erynn21 - May 1

Mine seems to fluctuate and I'm 22 wks. A couple of weeks ago I felt super huge one day then felt smaller the next. Weird. I was huge on the left side only the other day, the baby must have had her head on that side or something.


Tess - May 1

hi dave! just to remind you....every pregnancy is diff. for every pregnant woman. *whether if its their 1st, 2nd or 3rd child) I wouldnt worry too much. HOpe that helps.


Christ-teen - July 13

Hi Olivia, i know this is a serious discussion but you are so hillarious i can't help but laugh at how you just described those events. Anyway am 18 weeks away and just the other day my left side of the belly was protruding, today its smaller than it usually is and sometimes it looks like am ready to drop it. I was worried until i read the discussions here and am so relieved so thanx guys.



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