Bermuda Shorts Amp

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~SB~ - March 24

That commercial is about to drive me F*&K&NG CRAZY!


*Shannon - March 24

Me too! Not only does the commercial suck...but the shorts are UGLY!


- March 24

What does that have to do with being pregnant???


Heidi - March 24

Nothing. But it is true. I just don't like them. I hate capri pants too. I wore a pair once and I either wanted to pull them up or wish they were longer! I love my boot cut jeans :) I hate the performance fleece commercials too. But they do have cute stuff and I can't WAIT to buy baby outfits there!!!!!!


Jen - March 24

I too hate those commericials for two reasons. One, they are ugly. And two those shorts only look good on people who are a size 2. I hate that this fad has come back. It is just going to make it that much more difficult to find good looking, good fitting maternity shorts. Can you imagine wearing those 9 months pregnant????? YUCK!!


Dez - March 25

LMAO Its getting to me too big time.


jenjen - March 25

Drives me nuts!! But speeaking of old navy today i bought the most comfortable pair of maternity jeans. Cute too. Only 16.99


maya - March 30

to much of to much


Commercials Suck - March 30

How about Sarah Jessica Parker (WAAAAAY too many names if you ask me) and her khaki commercial?!?! Between that and the Old Navy Commercials I am about ready to kick a hole through the TV


monica - March 30

good thing gap got rid of Sarah Jessica Parker.... I heard she made around $38 million at the end. She really gets on my nerves.


vanessa - March 30

I love SJP!!! Don't hate her because she's a size 2!!! ;)


Commercials Suck - March 30

Vanessa - I am a 0 - trust me, its not her size that bugs me! At 14 weeks I am still as tiny as I was pre-pregnancy, with bigger b___sts to back me up - no one's size is going to bother me at this point!!!


Commercials Suck - March 30

I will admit that S_x and the City was a great show.....


lilmama - March 30

OMG! I hate it too! My 10 month old loves it though, he drops whatever he is doing and runs to the tv and dances everytime it comes on! Its so cute!


Jamie - March 31

I actually miss commercials...I'm in Germany, so the only commercials I get to see are either in German, or they're stupid ones for the military. I'd love to see an Old Navy commercial...heck, I'd love to see an Old Navy around here! LOL


ag - April 12

I haven't seen it yet.Is it good?


lynn - April 12

has anyone seen the old navy tunic commercial?? it is WAY worse than the bermuda shorts one!! I cannot STAND it!!



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