Best Time Of Year To Get Pregnant

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Jean Marie - January 9

OK, this might sound like a strange question, but what is the best time of the year to become pregnant? I've heard all this stuff, about pregnancys during certain times of the year leading to an increased risk of what ever (eg schizophrenia, a big worry for me as I have a schizophrenic brother!), there are heaps of other things as well. Can someone help me out please? I'm really paranoid!


kashi - January 9

schizophrenia? definitely not because you're pregnant! there is no best time of the year, other than some people like it more to be pregnant in summer, cause it's easier to find nice maternity clothes, etc. on the other hand, one might get very hot during summer and might like it better during winter. and pregnancy is pregnancy, no matter what time of the year!


Jean Marie - January 9

Well, I did just dig this up, which kind of answers my own question: "3. Season of Birth - Low Sunlight Exposure/Vitamin D deficiency is a__sociated with higher risk of schizophrenia. Studies have indicated that children who born during certain times of the year have a higher than normal risk of schizophrenia. A lack of sunlight can lead to vitamin D deficiency, which scientists believe could alter the development of a child's brain in the mother's womb. According to an article in the New Scientist magazine, research suggests people who develop schizophrenia in Europe and North America are more likely to be born in the winter and early spring (Feburary through May) have a slightly higher than average rate of schizophrenia, while children born in October have a slightly lower than average rate of schizohprenia. There seems to be about a 10% difference in risk of schizophrenia between the high and low risk months of birth. Action: For reduced risk of schizophrenia a mother may want to make sure that she gets the recommended dose of vitamin D on a regular basis before and during pregnancy. A couple planning children may also want to schedule the birth of their children at a time outside the "winter and spring" time frame (both of which have been implicated as times when higher than average number of people are born that later develop schizophrenia. Research suggests that the birth months that have the lowest risk of schizophrenia are July through November" I got it from


KM - January 9

i think thats a matter of personal opinion, in the winter it kind of sucks (depending where u live) because its icy outside and you fall more easily, plus its the holidays and you wont be able to enjoy a drink. But summer is summer, and the heat is very uncomfortable for many ppl.Also you may miss enjoying a beer on the beach :) so yeah I agree pregnancy is pregnancy. That is kind of interesting information though, but there is still sunlight in the winter, you just need to get outside to enjoy and there arent many winter activities that you can do while youre pregnant.



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