Best Wishes To Tiffani

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Narcissus - October 31

She is having baby #3 tomorrow via a scheduled c-section. Let's wish her a healthy delivery:) XXXXXX


Lisa*9 - October 31

Ditto. Hope you have a speedy recovery.


Lissi - October 31

Wow! Is it that time already?! Good luck Tiffani! Wish you all the best! Hope we get to see pics of baby Dylan and the rest of the clan soon! :) xxx


~m~ - October 31

Tiffani, best of luck sweetie!!!! Get rested up today! I can't wait to hear how everything goes!! Take care!! xoxoxo


chelsey - October 31

I'm so excited for you Tiffani!!!! Super good luck tomorrow! It's been a long wait, but finally tomorrow you'll be holding Dylan, and it will be so worth it!!!! My thoughts and prayers are with you!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxox


jb - October 31

Good luck Tiffani!! Come back and tell us all about it!!!!


Amy - October 31

Good Luck Tiff


Natbug - October 31

Good luck!


MRS.R - October 31

Good luck and take care.. Hope also to see some pics. soon.


M.F - October 31

Good Luck ! with your little angle..Best wishes........


CEM - October 31

Best of luck to you tiffani! Looking forward to getting good advice from you over on the infant care board! Hope all goes well, and let us know how things go.... :)


Beccah - October 31

Yay! Good luck Tiffani! (good thing to wait til tomorrow!) LOL


tiffani~9 1/2 hours to go!! - October 31

Thanks guys! As my luck would have it, I have a nasty little sinus infection, and 2 sick kids. Story of my life I tell ya. We've all been healthy all year, and wouldn't you know it, when we need to be in top shape, we're all feeling like c___p. To make matters worse, I can't take any meds from now until after I deliver. I'll manage though. :o) Says lots of prayers for me for a healthy baby and a safe delivery/recovery. I'm as nervous right now as I am excited. Can't wait to get back on here and share by story and pictures of my little man. Thanks again for your sweet thoughts. Talk to you all soon! :o)



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