Bet No One Has Ever Asked This Before

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angel_girl - January 28

Weird question of the decade... I am pretty sure I am pregnant. Only about 2.5 weeks, too early for test. Here's the question... For the last 5 days or so, since the symptoms really started, my cat wont leave my side. Its like she knows. Anyone have any thoughts on the intuition of animals and their connection to us and possibly the baby?


E - January 28

Awww... sounds cute:) I have no clue but let us know if kitty senses a pregnancy.


Lori - January 28

Not weird, animals can smell the hormonal change. Just as women who live together will menstrate at the same time due to smell changes emitted by hormones dogs and cats can sense a change due to pregnancy. My dog has not left my side since I concieved and is extremely protective now.


angel_girl - January 28

That would explain a lot. Best wishes to you.


cindy - January 28

I totaly get that!! I am about 10 weeks preg. and my female cat ALWAYS wants to climb up on my chest and just stay there. She digs her nose into my clothes and kneeds with her paws. I think it is sweet.


kate - January 28

Probably true..just be feces contains parasites that are harmful to the fetus.Also cats can smell b___st milk ...this is why cats should stay away from b___st feeding enfants.There have been cases of cats climbing onto enfants chests to smell/lick the b___st milk causing difficulty of baby breathing.


Leahp - January 28

wow!! good question!! I told my husband that last night because my little kitty has to be on my chest or right next to me every minute!! My dog I'm not so sure about, she definitley tries to get her nose all the way in there!!! So she must smell something!!! I hope she is protective of the baby, because she doesn't like toddlers!!! and she's a Newfoundland they're suppose to love kids!!!


ekay - January 28

When I pregnant with my son, I would walk and my cat would follow me all around the neighborhood. She doesn't seem that interested this time around-I hope that isn't a bad sign!


KM - January 28

my cat did the same thing. like kate said, cat feces are harmful to you when you are preggo because you can get toxoplasmosis. Usually if u have had a cat for a long time you have already gotten it and are immune to the bacteria, but to be safe dont change the kitty litter yourself, and if you absolutely have to ,wear a mask.


angel_girl - January 28

Thank you for the advice. That was on the chore list for tomorrow. Guess I will get someone else to do it. I dont want to mess this up. This is #1 and I was told repeatedly it would be difficult if not impossible to conceive.


keri - January 28

no, its not weird. i think that my animals all knew before i did. my dogs got really over protective of me and they wouldnt leave my side and anytime there was anyone near the house they would freak out and my cats wouldnt rest anywhere near my stomach. it was so weird.


KM - January 28

wow congratulations :) I figured I would share the info on kitty litter because not many women know this. If you get toxoplasmosis while preggo baby can get very sick.


eyebeeablessing2u - January 28

Yep, I have 3 cats and one dog and they knew b4 I did. Wouldn't leave my side. Cuddle on my lap and sleep as near to my uterus as possible. Dog stays downstairs with the one cat and the other 2 cats stay upstairs. Bed time is lots of fun so is trying to get out of bed to go pee 100 times a night. and then to get my spot back LOL


angel_girl - January 28

LOL I hear that one. Up and down all night. Animals everywhere.


Becky - January 28

My cat has ALWAYS followed me around the house and slept on my bed, so I can't really tell any difference! I wish I could though...would be nice to know since these stupid HPTs are so indecisive. "I think I'll be negative today...I think I'll be faintly positive today...I'm going to mess with her head and be negative again!" AAARRRRGGG!!!


Jenny - January 28

My cat has changed too. She isnt clingy to me or anything, but she follows me and checks me out as if she is asking me if I am ok. Kindof as if she is acting motherly to me.


EJ - January 29

Just to add something, I really don't know too much about cats and dogs, but I live in East Africa, and the one time women can be safe from snakes is during pregnancy - the snakes will not come near you because of some hormone smell they can get from you - also, when babies are very little, snakes will come and sleep near their basket or crib, but never attempt to hurt them - doctors say this is the smell of b___st milk which lets them know there is a baby around - they act like a guard dog - crazy huh?



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