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PleaseStick#3 - September 29

Hi! I was awaiting clomid to ttc#3 but instead got PG on my own. I took clomid one cycle to concieve #2 and we had #1 on our I can get PG on my own, it just may take time since I have late/weak O's. Anyhoo, I called my RE as soon as I got a bfp (it was either 8dpo or 11dpo (unsure of exact O date since I had multiple patches of pos opk's and fertile signs). Well, my beta was 32 and my progesterone was 2.3! I started suppositories that same night. I was told to take 50mg in the am and pm. Nervous, I took 50mg in the am, noon and night. My betas were more than doubling and in under 48 hrs for the first three betas. My progesterone went from 2.3 to 14 by the third check. So Ok, by my fourth check, my progesterone went down to 9.5 and my beta doubled in 104 hrs! My RE said that the beta was OK but not the progesterone. So at 5w4d, I had an u/s. RE said he only expected to see the sac but we saw a fetus measuring 6w1d and a heart beat! My following beta doubled again but in 104 hrs again (it was 3355 at 25dpo) and my progesterone went up again to 11.5. My RE upp'd my progesterone after seeing the hb and I have another u/s next week. My question is, 1. Why would my betas more than double at first then slow down so much (even though still going up). 2. Would my baby be measuring ahead and have a hb if something was wrong? I know people have done fine with similar progesterone issues but I think I"m more concerned about the slowing down of the betas. I also know that betas slow down after the hit around 6,000 but I haven't even hit that yet??? I"m just confused and trying to stay positive and wondered if anyone has any experience with this or is in a similar situation? TIA!


kay101 - September 29

Your hcg levels double in early pregnancy, usually over 48-72 hours. A little later on, it takes about 96 hours for those levels to double. I would say it's promising that they are doubling at a steady rate, and that you were able to see a heartbeat.



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