Wendi - November 24

hi everybody i wanted to let the ladies that where so nice to answer my question awhile ago that i got a bfp today (yea i know i waited awhile to take the test but i have been having spotting since friday and just knew AF was coming but it has been so light that i thought what the heck im gonna go ahead and take a test and prove that im not pg but loll and behole there it was just as blue as it can be so know im scared to death that im having problems cause of the spotting just to let you all know there is no pain at all just spotting red,pink, and brown but i guess im just gonna have to wait till friday when the doc opens up to give them a call lordy i hate this waiting game mercy lol im trying to stay very positive so if anybody had any light bleeding early in pg and everything turned out ok please let me know to keep my sprit up and when i get back from the doc on friday ill let ya know whats up thank you so much and you all are great Wendi


Lisa*9 - November 24

I have been reading this forum for some time and have read about spotting in pg as long as there is no cramping,clotting or heavy bleedingI am sure you are doing fine in the baby deptartment,I am sure there is nothing to worry about. In pregnancy over 35 people touch on the subject there. I am also sdure if you look lomg and hard you will find the answer I have said is correct. I have never had bleeding in any of my three pg and I am on my third.


*X* - November 24



CEM - November 24

Congratulations Wendi! Chin up, you'll be fine. I had spotting on and off for about a week during my last pregnancy, and went on to have a very good pregnancy, and a healthy, happy baby! Good luck and keep us posted. :)


Wendi - November 24

thank you so much ladies you all are so very nice and have made me feel alot better lol well hopefully they will see me tomarrow and wont put me off till next week so as soon as i find something out i will post and let you all know please keep me in your thoughts and lots of thanks Wendi



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