Bfp At 6 To 8 Dpo Anyone

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Mandy - September 19

I just want to hear from any women out there who got a ++ at 6 to 8 dpo. I got these really cheap test strips (only .90 cents per strip), not from a drug store, but online. The say they can read as little as 20MIU. They also are supposed to be the type allot of Dr.s offices use. It says you can test as early as 6 to 8 dpo. Has anyone used a similar test, and actually gotten +++ that early???


Marchia - September 19

Mandy- I tried similar tests, but got a negative.....I really wasn't pregnant, so I cant tell you as to whether they really work or not. I would like to know, so I'll know whether to buy them again or not.


tiffani~43 days to go!! - September 19

I used a test from the Dollar Tree that also has the same sensitivity. We conceived on Valentines Day and I got my BFP on March 1st. I wasn't tracking ovulation, so I can't say how many days past it I was, but 14 days after doing the deed, we got the results we were hoping for. :o)


Mandy - September 19

tiffani-thanks for your response. do you know if your test strips measured as little as 20MIU, and did you attempt testing before the 14 days?? or did you just wait for you missed period??


Gemma - September 20

Hi I bought some test strips off the net that test for 20miu hcg. I think I ovulated on the 14th which would make me 6dpo and I have already tested twice and had a negative result. I know this is stupid as I am very unlikely to get a positive result this early. I am very impatient as I want a baby so much. I have ordered some 10miu tests off of e bay which should arrive today so I will see how soon they say you can test. I think most tests will give a negative result if you test too early but I think if they say positive they are usually correct. I will probably be testing every other day from now on so I will let you know how early I get a positive result if I get one at all.



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