BFP But Maybe Not Real

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praying4baby - May 9

Hello all! I am cd 25, 12 dpo, got a BFP this morning using clear blue easy digital hpt. The past few days i've had cramps similar to menstrual cramps, and a little brownish blood when I wiped. Today, after I got my BFP, I had enough red blood to have on a panty liner, and then later today it changed back to brown-tinted and I had what looked like a stringy blood clot that was brownish in color. Could somebody please tell me if I lost the fertilized egg or is this implantation bleeding??? And I took more hpts today and they came back negative, I thought maybe because I don't have enough hcg built back up. Thanks for you help!!


mjvdec01 - May 9

You should only test for pregnancy with first morning urine. I wouldn't worry about the bleeding at this point. Take a test in the morning and see. I would get a First Response Early Results, they are very reliable. Good luck.


praying4baby - May 10

Thank you very much! I just worked so hard to get to this point that now i'm worried that something might take it away :) thanks!


HeavenisMine - May 10

You could try as the previous poster said, a more sensitive test. It is possible you had an early miscarriage. Unfortunately that is all too common. Or you possibly had some implantation bleeding. As long as he blood is gone now! You could also go and get a blood test done. I did that and it caught on right away. Although I got a faint positive before that. I just happened to be visiting my endocrinologist and they did one anyway.


praying4baby - May 10

Well, I didn't have a first response this morning, so i used another cheapy and also a clear blue digital one, they both said no. so this afternoon from 7 till probably 2 I only had a couple sips of liquid and used a first response hpt, and it still said negative. so i am so disappointed right now :*(


Teddyfinch - May 10

give it a few days and then retest. after a couple of days, your lines will come out darker.


praying4baby - May 10

Thanks for the advice, I will do that. But what I don't understand is how the one I took yesterday came back BFP? was it a false positive? did I miscarry early? I'm driving myself nuts worrying about it.


Teddyfinch - May 11

it could be a chemical pregnancy. the month before i got pregnant, i took 4 tests and had all faint positives, then negatives, then the next month BAM! so good luck to you!!!


Krissy68 - May 12

Praying4baby - Keeping my fingers cross for you. I'm out AF showed up 2 days before time and she isn't being very nice. I am soaking through eveything and pa__sing large clots. I'm okay I did start clomid again but instead of taking it cd 2-6 I started today cd3-7 will keep you all updated. Krissy68


praying4baby - May 12

krissy68--i'm gonna post to you on the clomid success stories thread :)



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