BFP Five Days Before AF Due

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Kate3 - July 21

I was wondering has anyone had a positive pregnancy test this early?? I've been keeping close track of my cycles and I know when I ovulated. My last pregnancy was identical twins that I lost at eleven weeks, I'm wondering if this could be another multiple pregnancy? My Dr. sent me in for a HCG test, I'll have the results tomorrow morning, plus I'll repeat the test next Monday. Please help, I'm super excited to be pregnant and would love to have my twins that didn't make it last time.


lillybug - July 22

It is possible to get a BFP now. So you are 9dpo right?


LeslieM - July 23

yes its possible....happened to me. :) just a singleton though. good luck!~


Krissy68 - July 24

Kate3 - When are you testing? lillybug - How are you doing today? LeslieM - How are you doing and how far along are you? Rub your belly!!!! Krissy68


christa94 - July 24

yes it is possible. i got a bfp at 7dpiui


LeslieM - July 24

hi krissy..hi ladies. i am 35 weeks today with a boy. have a scheduled repeat csection on 8/22. went to the dr. toaday and she estimates he is already almost 7 pounds...thinks he'll be almost 9 at birth! whew!~


Kate3 - July 24

I was testing first morning urine, I did the test two days in a row and it was faint positive. I did the HCG test and it was positive but the numbers were very low, I think I may be having a chemical pregnancy. If AF doesn't show up this weekend, I'll repeat the HCG test Monday and have some results. Either way I'll post again and let you know the result.


Krissy68 - July 25

LeslieM - Thanks for the updated my dd birthday is 8/20 and my grand daughter is 8/27. Do you have a name picked out yet. Rub your belly for me Kate3 - I am saying a prayer for you and keeping my fingers cross for you as well. Krissy68


Kate3 - July 30

I had the results back from the HCG, it came back normal for this stage. I felt a huge relief just knowing that I wasn't having a chemical pregnacy.



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