Big Women And Big Babies

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Angie - October 27

Has anyone had the experience that when you are a bigger woman (ie overweight or taller) that your babies tend to be bigger. Big babies do not run in my family, however I am 5'-10" and pre preggo weighed 220. I am not 35 w and my dr is freaking me out telling me that since I am measuring so big (39cm) that the baby is going to be big. I am scheduled for an u/s in another week 1/2. Am I worrying for nothing?


klmr - October 27

I have never heard that bigger women tend to have considerably bigger babies. My mother was about 5'5" 120lbs when she got pregnant with me and I was 10lbs 9oz!


YC - October 27

I know plenty of plus size women who have regular sized babies. I was 237 pre-prego and I have also been measuring big and my doctor says that is going to heppen because we had a little more to start with. I had an ultrasound at 30 weeks and in my case the baby is measuring about a week and a half ahead and is about a pound over the average. They are estimating an 8-9 pounder but the doctor says that doesnt have anything to do with my weight. I also have a friend who has had a 9 lb 10 oz. and a 10 pound baby and she was very thin to begin with. Her dr. said it had to do a lot with genetics. She and her husband are 6 ft tall. Their babies were very long. Hope this helps.


hi - October 27

bigger women don't have bigger babies as a rule, but certainly taller parents have taller babies.


M.A. - October 27

It's true about taller parents having taller babies. It's in the genes I guess. My husband is 6'4", and I'm 5'6" and weighed 180 before I got preg., and our baby is the tallest, thinnest baby of all of our friends & family. She's got my face, and his body. She was 8lbs. 2oz. when born last year. My other daughter was 8lbs. even. A lady I know is 53 now, and still 5' and pet_te, but she said both her babies 25 years ago were over ten pounds when born. Now I'd be worried to have a baby that big if I were that small! I don't think you have anything to worry about.


~m~ - October 27

My mom was about 115 lbs before getting pregnant with my sister. My sis weighed nearly 12 pounds. Also, I know a lady who weighed over 200 pre-pregnancy, and had a 6 pound baby. Maybe some women just have bigger babies, but I don't think it has anything to do with the woman's size. Just my opinion. Good luck!


Angie - October 27

Thank you all. I don't know why my doctor said big women tend to have big babies then.


... - October 27

I have a friend who is bigger, and all 4 of her children were right around 7 pounds. Also just remember that at the u/s they can be off estimating the baby's weight by up to 2 pounds. My SIL was convinced she was going to have a 13 pound baby because of her dr saying the baby was huge by her u/s, so they took her 2 weeks early by c-section, and he turned out to be only 8 lbs 13 oz....on the other hand they estimated my cousin's baby to be no more than 7 lbs by u/s, and her baby that was born right around the due date was almost 10 lbs. And my cousin is of average height/weight. You just never know what you're going to get, really.


jena - October 27

Diabetes can cause bigger babies. When I was born at 11lbs my mother was warned to be very careful about getting her blood sugar checked in the future because my HUGE size was an indicator that she was pre-disposed to diabetes.


Jodie - October 27

Im quite small and my daughter was 8lb and my son 9lb 11oz, and my son was also quite long yet his father and i arent tall, my daughter was a bit shorter than average when born but is now one of the tallest girls in her cla__s, shes only 9 and comes up to my chin


Bohnwin - October 28

Honestly, your fundal height may or may not have anything to do with your baby's weight. I was told that my fundal height was 40 cm when I was at 36 weeks, and I was induced because he thought I was having a 10 lb baby!!! She was 8lb, 7oz. (I am 5'11" for those interested, and my hubby is 6'0".) I think that big babies have more to do w/ genetics and whether or not them mom has gestational diabetes and how well it is controlled during the pregnancy. Those 13 lb babies you hear about on the news are usually due to gestational diabetes. Also, for your piece of mind, Angie, my mom is overweight, and has been since her teen years. When she gave birth to me, she was 5' 11" tall, and weighed close to 270 lbs. I was born 7 lbs 3 oz. Normal size from a big lady. She told me that pre-preggo, she weighed 210 lbs. FYI I weighed 150 lbs before I gave birth to my 8 lbs 7oz (bigger than me at birth, and my mom weighed more!!!) and 210 lbs when I rolled into the labor and delivery ward to be induced to have my daughter.


Jamie - October 28

I am 5'3 and was 105 pre-preggo; at 37 weeks, I was induced cause of pre-ecclampsia; my baby girl was 8 lbs 1 oz; they gain about half a pound a week that late, so if I had gone full-term, I would've had a 10 pounder, according to my doctor. (Oh yeah, my husband is 5'5 and around 150 - we're both short and skinny. Well, I used to!)



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