Bigger In Evening Than In Morning

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Star - November 18

I am 14 weeks pregnant and I'm finding that my belly looks pregnant after lunch and in the evening but not so much in the morning. Does this happen to anybody else? When are we really supposed to start showing?


~m~ - November 18

Yeah, baby belly's tend to look bigger later in the day than they do in the morning. Different women start showing at different times. I have been showing somewhat since I was about 5 weeks. I'm 11 weeks now and in full b__wn maternity clothes. I don't fill them out very well, but I can't even consider wearing regular clothes anymore!


Lacy - November 18

Good question! I have been wondering this too. In the afternoons, I look really pregnant, but when I first wake up in the mornings, its almost hard to tell. Im glad to know that Im not the only one...It must be normal. I cant wait to really look preggo all the time...Im starting to think people might just think Im fat. LOL


Star - November 18

Ya, I would say I hardly have any bump in the morning at all. But by night...whoa!! I can't wait until I have a belly on my at all times too.


erin - November 18

This also happens to me, especially if I eat too much for supper, then I look even more huge in the evening. I'm 22 weeks and it's been happening since I was about 14-15 weeks, then at about 17 or 18 I had a belly in the morning too, even though it still got bigger at night. I think in the morning your stomach and intestines are empty and in the evening they are full from eating all day and it probably just pushes the baby out farther.


Kathryn - November 18

Today is the first day that I have worn maternity clothes to work. I don't look pregnant enough to wera them, but my regular pants are so uncomfortable. BTW I am 13 weeks.


19 wks pregnant - November 18

i feel the same way.!!!


Becky - November 18

I think it is because of eating during the day. It happens to me, too, but I'm probably the only one that notices it. And I don't even really "notice," but my skin feels tighter after I eat. And it's higher than normal, too. I guess the baby is really displacing my stomach. Kathryn, I felt kinda weird, too, wearing maternity pants at around 14 weeks. But I'm at 22 weeks now, and today I have on all regular clothes. I am still able to mix up maternity and some regular clothes, depending on their fit and shirt length. Just this week I started really feeling like I've "earned" the maternity wear. Up until then, I just felt like a slob in untucked shirts!


Lisa - November 18

I believe it's because you are retaining water and gas from throughout the day. I am bigger from the afternoon on and then smaller a bit in the morning; it's natural I think.


Kathy S - November 19

I am 20 weeks with twins and also notice in the morning I am usually smaller looking and my belly feels squishier. Once in a while I wake with a hard belly, but not often. I tend to think this is just due to how the baby(ies) lay when you are lying down. I think they have more room to nestle in to us and after we are up and vertical for a while, they are forced to shift and lay differently and more forward, probably due both to gravity and our pelvic positioning. ???


Star - November 21

That is a good theory Kathy. That was somewhere along the lines as what I was thinking. Same with the gas and food theory too. You would just think that your belly would be the same size in the morning as it is in the evening because it isn't like the baby's size goes down and up like that.


karen - November 21

Yeah, I thought maybe I was imagining this, so I measured. My belly was 1.5 inches bigger in the evening than the morning. I asked my doctor why this happens and she said it's because during the day, gravity causes everything to shift out--much like what Kathy said.



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