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JB - April 29

Just wondering how many of you ladies would wear a bikini while pregnant?? I've been thinking about getting one for this summer. I'm due in August and I think the maternity bathing suits are ugly. I have a few stretch marks on my sides but they are not red and were probably there before I got pregnant. I think I would feel comfortable wearing a bikini, but I'm wondering what other people might think. Also I plan to wear shorts over the bottoms. I've always been self-conscious about my butt. Thanks for your opinion.


monica - April 29

wear it with pride....pregnant woman are beautiful.


~S~ - April 29

I'm due in Aug as well and I've been wondering what the heck I'm gonna do about a bathing suit this year. I agree the maternity bathing suits are so ugly, not only that but they seem to be made for older mothers, I'm only 25 so the look that they have, is not yet the look for my age (I think anyways) Last year I wore this super cute black bikini and it kills me that I can't wear that this year. The top doesn't fit me because my b___bs literally explode out of them and the bottoms do not fit AT ALL. They're low rised and have strings on the side. My belly and hips pour out of it like niagra falls. It took me awhile to get into it last year, I ended up working out big time and tanning, by the time I did get into it, I looked great. I can't say that for this year. For one, I'm twice the size I was then, and will most likely be 3 or 4 times the size by summer and I've got cellulite. This sucks.


leslie - April 29

I also have this problem just yesterday I was looking at some cute swiwmsuits..but I don't Know I also have a problem with my b___t so I was going to get them with the little shorts but then my b___bs are so HUGE! that when I put on the top they seem like they want to go all over the place..Don't want to imagine in a few months..I am going to float in the water with what is going to seeem like 3 big basketb___s!!!


Babydoll - April 29

I'm not showing, but even if I were I would definitley wear one still....i think it is soo beautiful


mel - April 29

my SIL wore a bikini all through her pregnancy, I thought it was very cute! She wore one of the bikinis that tie at the sides of the bikini bottoms, so it could grow a bit with her expanding belly. Of course some people stared, but I don't see why you should cover up your growing belly, when you don't have to cover it up before you get pregnant, you know? I definately don't see any problems with it! I say if you feel comfortable wearing one, then go for it!


April - April 29

When I was 22 weeks (and showing) I vacationed in Florida and wore my bikini with pride :) Everyone thought I looked cute! So I say as long as you feel comfortable wearing a bikini... go for it!


~SB~ - April 29

Girl...go put that bikini on and hit the beach! Congrats!


lil - April 29

If you feel bad imagine me I'm 11 weeks skinny that i have lost my b___t my legs and everything except for the belly and to top it off i have huge fake t_ts , can upicture i look like and i dotn havea choice but to wear a bikini because otherwise i would look like and aout of space creature so dont feel bad i never felt so ungly in my life like now.... ahhahhahahaha


lil - April 29

and i fortgot to say i'm in MIAMI


leslie - April 29

lil where in miami do you live?


lil - April 29

I'm sorry Leslie, i live in the southwest area why are u from here?


leslie - April 29

i live in miami beach! Very nice day today for the pool!!


Jessy - May 1

I wouldn't if I were fat..and it's rare to find a thin pregnant woman..I was 120 before conception on the last 2 kids and gained 50lbs with first and 60 w/ second...I got it all in the b___t, thighs and love handles on the back...My face even got fatter...eww hate this about pregnancy...I've seen some skinny pregnant ladies in bikinis and it looks real cute...but I've seen some fat or even slightly overweight pregnant women...and it's just not about PUKE! Don't gross everyone out if you got rolls of fat everywhere...a full body maternity bathing suit w/that split skirt down the front is sooo cute...why draw attention to your fat when you can draw attention to your pregnant belly?


Jessy - May 1

Hey you girls must have BIG BOOBS already...but I don't, so when the b___t gets big..everything else seems to disappear...I'm conscious about my b___t, too...for good girls w/big b___bs don't have to worry about that because even w/a big b___t your body stays at hour-gla__s shape because of your b___bs...I can do that anytime except when I'm pregnant...nearly impossible to keep the fat off until AFTER baby comes...I'm stuck!



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