Bikini Cut Or Classical C Section

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Choices - November 24

I am having a C-section and was asked by the doctor which "cut" I would prefer. Bikini cut or classical. He said that the bikini cut shows less, but is a longer recovery because your body's muscles run vertically and with this procedure you are being cut horizontally. The classical cut shows from just under the belly button but heals well, since it's easier for the stomach muscles to re-attach and repair themselves. Can anyone offer any advise, especially on the classical cut since it is not as common today?


tiffani :o) - November 24

I've had 3 c-sections, and all 3 were a "bikini cut". I wouldn't have done it any other way. Recovery was pretty easy with the first 2, and a absolute piece of cake with the 3rd. If I were you, i'd definitely go the "bikini cut" route. Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving! :o)


Shelly - November 24

I had the bikini cut as well.I would go for that one,I think nowadays that is pretty much "standard".


?? - November 24

My mom got the cla__sical when she had me, and had to go back in the hospital twice because of infection. She had a hard recovery. And she still has the scar. But this was 251/2 years ago, so they may be better now days.


kim - November 24

I luckily didn't have to be cut but if I had the choice I would go with bikini cut because it's easier to hide. I had a friend get cut there and her scar looked great, it was thin and pink. My mother's on the other hand is thick, white and long, kinda scary!


Meredith - November 24

I had a bikini cut, and if someone would've told how great it was, I would not have been so scared. The scar is so small, in a week you are recovered. It's great!


Choices - November 25

Hmmm...I'm starting to like the sound of the bikini cut!


sye - December 31

i would go with the bikini cut..they heal faster...i had a bikini cut and i was up and walking around in 3 days


shelley - December 31

my aunt had the cla__sical cut and was told she could only have 2 children as with this cut there was a higher risk of her uterus rupturing if she went into labor and it was harder on her body to have more than 2 cla__sical csections. She was very surprised when I had 4, going on 5 bikini cut csections. Hers was done in 83, my first one was in 90.


Charlene - December 31

Unless you need it, I wouldn't have a c-section cut at all. I did not heal fast, nor relatively easy and to say the incision is healed in a week, no matter how it looks on the outside is incorrect medically. sorry, but I did NOT have a good c-section experience at all so I can't recommend either one. Plus, I have never heard of a doctor doing the cla__sical unless there was the utmost emergency or there were very unusual circ_mstances like triplets, transverse baby, or a TRUE emergency like bleeding out.


Choices - January 1

I'm writing from Canada and even the C-section itself was offered as a choice, as were the sets of dates.


~*sunny*~ - January 1

I wasn't given the choice of cut as I had an emergency C-Section on christmas day, I was given the bikini one though and was out of bed 6 hours later after the epidural wore off (i wanted to see my lil girl in special care, that was my incentive) I came out of hospital after 2 days, it was a lil sore, but the pain was managable definately, nothing near as bad as i expected, as for my scar, well it's soooooooo neat, harldy noticeable at all, and when it fades you would probably not even notice it, I had staples instead of st_tches, not sure if that makes a difference either. Good Luck.


H - January 1

There is reason for the bikini cut being used more. It is a smaller cut and is a much less horrific looking scar. It WILL heal and you will be much more pleased with the long term results. I believe the bikini cut also makes it safer and easier to have other pregnancies after your C-section(Less scar tissue etc.). I would definately go with the bikini cut.


Maggie - January 1

To choices, may I ask why they offer you the choice of a c-section? I never heard of that, not that I would do it, but I am curious as to why they do that.


Jbear - January 1

The bikini cut leaves a scar where your body creases naturally. It will be a thin pink line right above your pubic hair several months after the c-section. I've never seen how the cla__sical incision heals, but my husband had heart surgery as a child, and they cut along the center of his stomach, in line with the belly healed looking like a gathered seam, with a bunch of dimples. Also, if you have a horizontal cut to the uterus, you may be able to try a vbac if you get pregnant in the future. I've heard that the cla__sical incision goes up into the thicker, more muscular part of the uterus, making uterine rupture more likely in future pregnancies (basically you would have to have a repeat c-section, and it would probably be a couple of weeks early, because they couldn't risk you going into labor).



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