Birth Control After Delivery

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Jamie - April 14

My hubby says that he's planning on getting me pregnant again as soon as possible after I have this one - that's definately NOT going to happen as long as I have anything to say about it! Problem is - the reason I got preg. with this one is that I don't like birth control - I constantly forget to take the pill, and the depo shot caused me to develop cysts on my ovaries a few years back. I mentioned it to my doc, but he seemed unwilling to discuss anything other than the mini-pill...which I will forget to take. Are there any other options, that my husband has no say in, that won't require me to attempt a miraculous feat of memory?


Foxy - April 14

Does your husband know that it's not really recommened to get pregnant again soon after the birth? Doctors recommend to wait a year to let your body recover. Birth control is a problem for me too because I had problems taking the pill. When I saw a doctor about it he wasn't very helpful and said he couldn't understand why I was having problems and didn't offer me any alternative. I think I may have become allergic to condoms. I'm going to look into maybe getting a cap fitted after the birth, but I've no idea how good they are.


Maleficent - April 14

talk to your doc about IUD's. personally i'm abstaining untill one or both of us is surgically sterilized. and if DH thinks i'm kidding he's in for a rude awakening.


Heidi - April 14

I agree. Get an IUD or cut him off. Ha ha! I'm due in October and I said he's getting fixed before the baby is born!!!


soulik - May 8

can women get pregnant soon after delivery


Lynn - May 9

I don't recommend the IUD.. I know many people who have had compications with it & also when they were ready for another baby it took years for them to get pregnant. How about the birth control patch? You only have to remember a new one once a week..


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - May 9

What kind of man did you marry? Obviously one that had no respect for you. It's really not that hard to remember to take the pill. I put my vitamins with my toothbrush, and like clockwork, every night before I go to bed I brush my teeth and take my vitamin. Can't you do the same with birth control pills? This is of course a__suming you brush your teeth. :o)


Yolanda Abraham - May 31

no matter if you don't like birth control you still the other birth control condoms, and birth control pill is no 99 accurate.


Lynn - May 31

Also, with the mini pill it is EXTREMLY important to take it at the same time every day. I don;t know about you, but I usually go to bed a little later on the weekends 7 if I'm out, I might forget to take it at say 8:00. And I might sleep in a little the next day so I might not be up to take it at say 6:00. I was on a combined pill for 11 years and never had a problem with it, but the mini pill can be less effective at times so I don't think that I will use that method. I got really familiar with my fertile period while ttc to we will just abstain around that time of the month. And take our chances the rest of the month.


crystal - May 31

I would recommend the patch. You can shower, and swim with it on and you only have to remember to change it once a week.. I had trouble taking the pill also with remembering it, then switched to the patch it is easier to remember to change the patch when you can see it.



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