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Andraia - January 21

Okay, so this has been bugging me for a bit because I don't understand. People get all iffy when they miss one or two days worth of birth control. Because then there's the fact that we're told that usually it takes 2-3 months for women getting off the pill to conceive correctly.... so then why do people get all iffy when they miss like one or two days?! It kinda contradicts itself. Also, when I miss one pill I automatically get my period, and I wind up saying screw it might as well have it now and get it over with, and that was in the middle of my pills. I'm not sure if that's normal for women or not, but does that mean that is a chance that an egg could get released during the bleeding?


MomToEli - January 21

I think everyone is different. I've been told several times (including by my Dr) that you actually have a higher hormonal serge for one to two cycles after you stop the BCP. One of my best friends missed one pill and conceived twins. She had tried several years to conceive with her ex husband and then, bam, she has twins. I know some women who desire twins abruptly stop taking BCP for that reason.


Andraia - January 22

really? I've never heard something like that happening before. I just think its weird how the information part of these sites is like "it takes a while after getting off birthcontrol" as well as "if you miss a day of birthcontrol, take extra means to protect yourself". But thats definitely very interesting that happened to your best friend. Does twins run in her family?


only_three_shots - January 22

I think what the confusion is that it takes a few months for your body to regulate itself into it's normal cycle when coming off the pill (since the pill has forced a 28 day cycle on your body). I don't think coming off the pill or missing the pill will lower your hormone level, it is just off schedule and harder to predict. Your body is not supposed to ovulate while on the pill so it stands to reason that when those two days you miss the pill your body would immediately ovulate and make you uber fertile for a couple of days.


MomToEli - January 22

Andraia ~ No, no history of twins in her family. That was the first thing I ask. I've pretty much figured out that if you research any one topic long enough online (or anywhere for that matter) that you will end up with 50 sides to every story and everyone saying that their doctor told them something different...LOL



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