Birth Control And Getting Pregnant

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Andi - September 10

I've been taking birth control for a little over 2 years now. I was on the pill for 1 1/2yrs, then I went on the patch for a few months and I am now on the ring (which is amazing). But I was wondering if anyone can give me an estimate of the amount of time someone can conceive after stopping BC. We have been married for a little over a year now and we were hoping on trying for our 1st baby in a few months and I want to know if I should stop using now or when we have decided to start trying. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


Julie - September 10

I have heard anything from the next month to a year. With my son I stopped in April (the pill) and got pregnant in Sept. This time I never got on anything after my son because I hate the pill I didn't like the patch, etc. and got pregnant after about 2 months.


Lil - September 10

I know this was a long time ago, cuz i was my mum's last child and i'm nearly 19 now, and sure the pill has changed ALOT since then, but after stopping the pill it took her 18months to concieve, but she had been on the pill for ages and ages, like 10 yrs.


Lisa - September 10

I was on the pill for 11 years and once I stopped it took me 1.5 years to get pregnant. Half of that time my system was getting back to normal. I would have my period every two weeks; sometimes not at all, somtimes light or was hard on me.


Brittany - September 11

Although I cannot reflect from personal experience, I can tell you that my sister in law and a close friend of mine (both of which got pregnant just last month!) both got pregnant within a week after getting off the pill! Good Luck!


Alycia - September 11

I was on the pill for nine years, and got pregnant the second month after stopping. But to warn you, your period is often later than you would expect the first month, and you'll go nuts thinking you're pregnant! I would get ovulation predictor kits to help you figure out if you're even ovulating yet, and that will also help you know when to expect your period (14 days after o).


Britt - September 11

Your the first person I've read about on the ring. I'm on it too!!!! I LOVE IT HAHA. We need to spread the word of how awesome it is lol! I was on the pill off and on for a year and concieved in my second month of being off it. Good luck with everything!


Andi - September 11

Thanks for all of the advice. It is greatly appreciated. And to Britt- I love being on the ring too- I thought I was gonna be weird about it having to put it in yourself- But I just love it- I suggest everyone try it!!!


Jessie V - September 11

I was on the pill for seven years. Then in March I got pg. on the pill. Everyone is diffrent.


baby dust - September 13

Baby Dust to everyone!!


S - September 13

Andi.....what's "the ring" and whats amazing about it? Do you know if you can use it while b___stfeeding?....I would stop using a month before you want to start trying......


Andi - September 13

The "Ring" is a type of birth control, called the NuvaRing. And it is amazing. You have to physically put it inside of your v____a, and take it out after 3 weeks. But you don't have to worry about it, and my OBGYN gave me a little timer thing that counts down the days and then beeps when you have to take it out and put a new one back in. I just love it. I don't know if you can use it while b___st feeding, I don't see why not, but ask your doctor, or you can go to there web site and there is a lot of info on there. Good Luck!



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