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Katrina - June 28

I am just curious or at the sametime worried. Its been 8 month ago i stopped drinking the Birth Control Pills. When i stopped drinking them I bleed for 2weeks stright. I went to my doctor and she said that was the effect of the pills cause i stop drinking them. I only drank those pills for 3 month. Since then its been hard to get pregnant. Im very worried if i was left with a side effect even thought the doctors say im ok. My question is how long does it take to get pregnant after you stop drinking the pills. My doctor said i should waite 1 year. My husband and I are so anxious every month to see if I get pregnent. But nothing My Husband has been checked and his results came out ok. Please help. Thank You..


Chris - June 25

As far as I know, the normal time waited is 2-3 months after stopping your birth control pill. OB-GYN's may ask you wait up to a year to get your body cleared and ready to conceive, produce, & carry a child. I'm a__suming that this is your first child. If so, you might want to check w/ your OB-GYN and maybe he can calculate when you are ovulating to make things a bit easier for you to conceive. Also, I know it can be frustrating to wait & keep trying but, try to relax, no stress, this will up your chances. Best of luck to you.


Katrina - June 25

Thank You Chris for you help ...


Chris - June 25

You are very welcome. I'm pretty much going through the same thing myself. I posted my question to anybody who can answer it under "Post BC Pills" Hopefully, I'll get some insight too! LOL! Goodluck to you and you are welcome.


Chris - June 25

I'm glad that I could give you some insight. I am going through something so similar to you. I posted my question under"Post BC Pill & Dilema" Hopefully, I'll find some insight as well. Goodluck to you.


katrina - June 28

Thanks for you help. Its nice to see that we can reach out to other people to find answer to some of our dilemas.And to see that there is people in the same spot willing to help us.. Thanks and good luck to you...


Melissa - June 28

When you stop taking the Pill, it can have different affects on your body and everyone is different. Once you stop taking the Pill, it is out of your system within 24 hours, but your body may need time to adjust. Are you having regular periods now? If so, you need to start charting your fertility signs. Go to, there is a ton of information on this site about fertility signs. Once you are familiar with you signs of fertility, you have a much better chance of conceiving. Also, you will be able to tell if you are not ovulating. Becoming pregnant is not easy for everyone. A couple that has no fertility problems can take a year or longer to conceive. After 15 months, it is a good idea to see a fertility specialist and find out why you are not conceiving. Also, you have to have s_x enough times in the month to increase chances of conceiving. This is why knowing when your fertile is so important. Good Luck!



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