Birth Control Pills And Pregnancy

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SherryV - January 31

Do I need to be off birth control pills for a certain period of time before even trying to become pregnant or can I start trying right away?


LN030905 - January 31

Hey Sherry- When I went off my bc my dr told me its not uncommon for it to take up to 3 months at least to get preg bc your body will try to regulate its self out. However, someone on here did tell me that it is easier to get preg the first month, bc your body is screwed up. So, I am not for sure. As long as you go through one cycle before getting preg, I wouldnt think anything about it, also, I did think I was preg b4 I went off my bc, but when i called my dr she did say that everything we have heard has changed and if you get preg while that hormone is in ur body it makes no diff or if like you are preg and still taking ur pills it also wont hurt the baby. Sorry, this is all kinda thrown together-hope it helps a little! Good luck!


kimc - January 31

Hi Sherry, My doctor confirmed that you can get pregnant the month after getting off BC pills with no harm to you or the baby. But she reccommended that I wait one cycle to gage when I ovulate in my cycle so it would be easier to know when I concieved. I waited the month (and found out that I have 30 day cycles when not on the pill, in which I ovulated on day 19) and then the first month of trying I got pregnant. I think it helped to know when I was ovulating because being on the pill you don't ovulate. It was so weird to know that my body was so communicative... the days before ovulation my CM got stretchy and egg-white and on the day of ovulation I had minor cramps so I knew that we needed to do some baby-dancing around that time. best of luck!


Ba8y6irl - January 31

I am one of the people LN030905 described. I was off the pill for no more than 14 days and I got pregnant. I stopped the pill got my period then got pregnant. We weren't really actively planning (i.e. talking to doctor) but we were ready to have a baby if we were blessed. I am having no problems at all and my doctor had no concerns about being fresh off the pill. I had been on it for 4 years. So good luck and you might get lucky!


livdea - January 31

hey Sherry...I'm the same way. I went off the pill I was on to switch to a different one the next month...I didn't like the hormone levels. I had s_x once with out a condom and got pregnant! I think I was off the pill for about a week and a half! Totally unplanned! And I had been taking the pill for...geez...over 7 years faithfully! I think it all depends though! good luck...and who says you have to TRY, I'd just practice! :)


SherryV - January 31

This is Sherry again, I should have put in my question, that I am 46 years old, any experience out there at getting pregnant at this age and coming off bc.


Been There - January 31

I got pregnant just because I missed a few pills one month. It just depends.


Lynne - February 1

Hi Sherry: My gyne told me that when hubby and I start trying again that I need to stop the pills for one month and have a period on my own. Then you can start TTC after that. There is a great website that has been pretty accurate for me regarding ovulation dates and predicting my periods (I have stopped the pills because I was having tons of breakthrough bleeding) We lost our baby boy back in August of 2005 and will TTC during the spring. I have been tracking my ovulation etc. for the last two months so that we can be prepared when the time is right. The website is It is great. I wish you plenty of sticky baby dust!


SherryV - February 1

Thanks Lynne for your information. Did you read my post a few answers up about my age also? Any positive outlooks for that? Thanks for the wishes.



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