Birth Controle Taking It On A Regular Basis

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Summer - August 31

I just have a general question for you ladies who were on the pill. How often did you take it at "aprox." the same every night, and those who didnt, did you get pregnant as a result of it? Do you have any tips on how to remeber better to take your pills at a certin time of day? I try to take mine between 9-10 every night but lately iv been going later and later like 11 and sometimes 12 i remeber. Im just afraid ill forget it one night. Thanks all!


Evy - August 31

Summer, I was on the pill for over ten years. I think a couple of hours difference is not what they mean when they same time. I just think that you can't miss more than 12 hours- a day. Then your chance of becoming pregnant on the pill increases to 6%. (When you take it every night your chance of becoming pregnant is about 1%). What I used to do to remember taking it everynight is to put the pack with my toothbrush and contact lense case. I never go to bed without brushing my teeth and I never go to bed without taking my lenses out. Seeing the pack there reminds me. After a while, it becomes second nature - like brushing my teeth. Don't worry if you take it one night at 10 and another night at 12. You just should not go to sleep without taking one. So keep them next to something you do every night before going to sleep.


Erin - August 31

I wouldn't worry too much. Try to take them as close to 10 as you can. I took mine within 15 minutes every night and still ended up pg.


Julie - August 31

ive been on BC for almost a year..and ive never started the new pack when i was supposed to(i always forgot to go pick it up before the pharmacy closed) if i started one month on say a sunday, but then the next i waited til thursday, whats the % that the pills arent going to work? i mean, do i have to take them the same time every month so i dont ovulate? any help is appreciated.


amanda.d - August 31

Basically the only reason your "suppose" to take your pill at the same time every day is for outine and memory purposes, just be sure to take one a day.


amanda.d - August 31

Routine not outine


Margo - August 31

I agree with is so you will get into a routine with it so that you don't skip a day. What happened to Erin is rare. The pill is 99% effective. She was the 1%.....Erin, you should go play the


Erin - August 31

lol margot! I was talking to a friend who has crohn's disease and she was told by her doctor that it would take about a year for them to get pg. They got pg their first month trying. She said her husband was so proud of himself. I said, "Imagine my husband... birth control couldn't even stop him!" LOL



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