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very curious! - June 27

If anyone that has kids already, has the time, I would looooove to hear their birth stories!!! I love reading them! And although I know they are all different and unique I think I can get a good idea of what is mine going to be and what to expect. I would like hearing from the time their water broke till they went home with their little bundle of joy!! Thanks!


Melissa - June 27

I would love to too... "Very curious" do you watch the show "A Baby Story"?? It's GREAT!!! If you haven't seen it I bet you would LOVE it!!


Julz - June 27

I had a very typical labor with both of my children.....With my first, I started having very regular painful contractions at 11pm (Dec.23rd). I went in to the hospital and toughed it out for about 30 mins, before I asked for my epidural (HAHA). I was fully dialated by 9am, which is when they started having me push. I pushed for about an hour and......there he was!! My beautiful baby boy was born at 10am on Christmas Eve.........My 2nd one was alittle different. I was having mild contractions, but very regular. So we went to the hospital (almost didn't take our luggage, because we were pretty sure we'd be sent home). When we got there I was already dialated 4 cm. Although, I wasn't having a lot of pain from contractions, I asked for the epidural anyways anticipating ho much it was GOING to hurt (HAHAHA) So, I was all comfortable with nothing left to do but, me, my fiance and my sister played cards and talked for about 3 hours and then they had me push. I pushed for about 5 mins and ........I had a beautiful baby girl....born the day before her daddy's birthday. I was fortunate to have such easy deliveries. I just this one goes just as smoothly.


Steph - June 27

Here's mine... (it's funny how you remember so many details on your baby's birthday!) I woke up at about 10:30 a.m., got ready and did not feel any different than I had on any other day for the past month. I went with the (ex)boyfriend to the golf course so that he could hit a bucket of golf b___s on the driving range. (BTW, the time we got to this destination was about 12:00 p.m.) I did not participate and just sat on the bench and watched. After about 15 minutes of sitting there, I had the WORST cramps I had ever had in my life. All I could do was frantically look around for a bathroom, because I felt I REALLY had to go. Then, the pains were gone and I felt better. The ex got done and asked if I wanted to go and play minuture golf. I said yes, and we were off. We arrived at the mini golf place at about 1:45 p.m., and I got something to eat and something to drink. We went out on the course and were having a fun time. At hole 9, I told him I had to go to the bathroom. I walked in there, went, and when I wiped there was a huge glob of clear/yellowish mucous as well as a wet spot on my shorts about the size of a fifty cent piece. I got a little panicky and left the bathroom (yep, I washed my hands!!!) and went out and told him that it was time that we leave, because I thought that my water was leaking and I wanted to go hom. We arrived home at about 3:00 p.m., and I called the doctor. I had to talk to her nurse and I told her what had happened and she told me that the spot of water was just sweat, because it was like 95 out that day. Anyways, I hung up and started to watch tv. I got up about 30 min later and there was a gush and my water broke. This happened at about 3:45 p.m. We hurried up and got into the car and drive to the hosptial. (I made him stop at 7-11 on the way because I was so dreadfully craving a blue slurpee). Anyways, we get to the hospital and I get checked in and to the room at about 4:30 p.m. The nurse came into the room and told me to change my clothes and she'd be back in a minute to hook me up to the monitors. The second she walked out of the door, it hit me. I had to throw up, and I had to throw up now. I yelled out to the nurse to come back and told her that I was going to be sick. She brought me a pan, and out came the blue slurpee. Yikes. Anyways, she told me that she was going to get the doc in asap to check me to see how far along I was, because apparently throwing up can be a sign of transition. So, he comes in and checks me and I am at a 6. I then opt for the epidural becuase I don't know how long I am going to be in labor. I get the epidural at about 5:30 p.m., whilst I was watching Jerry Springer...hee hee. I then had a pretty nice last hour or so visiting with my family till the doc kicked em all out so I could have the kid, 10 minutes of pushing and she was born at 6:44 p.m. She will be seven on July 06, and my husband and I are in the process of ttc right hopefully I will have another story to tell one day! And another easier one at that!!!


very corious! - June 27

hey Melissa, yes I do watch a baby story everyday lol! well I record it everyday! So I always end up watching at any time of the day..its very internesting! you never know how labor is going to end up like.


JenniferB - June 27

I was induced at 4pm. I was in labor for 27 hours. The nurse kept feeling to see if I was dialated and I got to 8cm. The doctor came in and said that my cervix had hardened back up and I would need a csection. I was really dissapointed. I will never be talked into being induced again. I was only 4 days late. There were 5 other women having babies that night. We ALL had boys. Even though my birth experience sucked my baby is absolutely awesome. By the way I was the only woman that needed a csection that night so I was an exception. Don't want to scare you. :0)


Jodie - June 27

very curious i think its great that you want to hear these stories as most women dont want to know, when i had my first i wanted to know everyones birth stories and loved looking at pics of women giving birth, but a lot of women complained about these pics and are no longer shown in a lot of mags now


Katharine - June 27

I woke up at 8am two days past my due date. The night before I wasn't tired and had stayed up until midnight (I am usually in bed by 9pm), or so and had to eat gravy!!! Anyway, when I woke up, I was having period-like cramps. My mom had told me that is what she had with her labors, not the contractions they describe in the cla__s. I'm glad she told me! I pretty much knew I was in labor, but went into denial mode. First, I went to the bathroom (did not want an enema), then took a shower. once clean and , um, clear, I timed the cramps. They were regular at 3mins apart. I woke my husband. "Honey, I think I'm having contractions"-barely a move, but some rustling. "They're three minutes apart"-he jumped out of bed! I called the hospital and they said it probably wasn't time to come yet, but they didn't have anyone else there, so I could come in and they would baby me (I loved my little hometown hospital!!!). My hubby started some breakfast and I sat in the rocking chair. The contractions got much worse quickly. I had to make him stop making breakfast, so we could go to the hospital. We must have arrived there around 9:30 or so. They went ahead and checked me in and I sent hubby for the 4-5 bags I had brought (BTW-didn't use but one). Don't remember my dialation, but it was low (maybe 2-3cm). We started walking around the ward, but I only made it one or two laps. The pain just kept intensifying. I was extremely dehydrated and GBS+, so I had an IV to drag around. At some point, I got a catheter, but don't remember when or much about it. I tried a few labor positions/ideas, like the shower, but was in too much pain and spent most of the time in bed-it just felt best to me. Hubby left at about 11am to get some food and brought it back to the visitor room to eat. He heard me screaming from there, though, and came running back. I just remember being in intense pain, then he was there. So, c___ppy, painful contractions continued until about 2pm. At some point, I threw up on my husband, but didn't remember it for a few weeks after. I asked for drugs, but the hospital didn't offer epidurals (I knew this going in), so they said they could give me stadol. They drug their feet and I never got it, which was fine because I didn't REALLY want it. They checked me at about 2:15 when the dr called and I was "6-ish". Dr arrived 15 minutes later to check me before leaving for a funeral. He said "6-ish? I'd say 10-ish. You can start pushing." This caught me by surprise, since I thought I still had hours to go. I had no desire to push, but went with it. It felt SO great to push with the contractions. The best part of the labor! He gave me a shot for an episiotomy, but baby came out before he could do it. I pushed for 1.5 hours and had my baby. My husband had been totally opposed to cutting the cord or anything, but actually ended up catching the baby and cutting the cord. They held the baby up for me to see and she was all swollen, so I thought she was a boy. A minute or two later, someone mentioned something about a girl and I was shocked! After the initial excitement and early nursing attempts, we were moved to a recovery room. Prior to this, we had champagne and my parents and brother were there, so it was quite a celebration. Everyone left when we were moved, so we had some alone time. We had not picked out a girl's name, since we just thought it would be a boy (didn't find out with the first). We actually used the name binder they had at the hospital to pick out a name! Anna Catherine. My Dad then brought Sunday dinner to us, since we had missed it-pot roast-YUM! She roomed in, which was difficult. It was nice having her there, but the first night sucked, because I couldn't easily get to her and I didn't quite know what to do with her. We had to stay in 48 hours because I had only gotten one of the GBS antibiotic doses. Then, we went home. We weren't quite sure what to do with her, so we set her in the crib and sat on the couch and looked at each other. So, that's my story.


FF - June 27

does anyone else love the "birth day" show on discovery health channel? they are just a tiny bit more graphic than the "baby strory" ones on tlc but i think i like them even better! thanks for the stories everyone!


Jennifer - June 27

P that must have been awful. I didn't puke but my teeth chattered uncontrollably and what parts of my body I could feel were shaking like hell. The anesthesiologist said it was from the epidural.


Bump - June 28



tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - June 28

I was 3 days overdue with my first child, so my doctor suggested we induce. Sounded great to me, I was totally over being pregnant. We went in on May 5th at 5:00 pm, got my first dose of Cervidil, to ripen my cervix (I was only a "fingertip" dialated). 12 hours later, and 1 cm dialated I received my 2nd dose. 12 hours after that, I received my 3rd and final (you can only have 3) dose, and dialated to 5cm. After getting to this point, my doctor broke my bag of water and gave me some Pitocin to speed up the labor process. (remember, it's been 36 hours at this point) Everything is going good, albeit slow. I get my epidural (and the shakes that come with it) and eventually dialate to 9.5 cm. That's right 9.5, not 10. Turns out my body is not willing to go that extra .5 cm. Is it really that big of a deal, does one half of a centimeter REALLY make that much of a difference. Apparently, yes it does. Now my body refuses to progress, my daughter is stuck in the birth ca___l, my temperature is rising to dangerous levels and my daughters heart rate is dropping. We are fading fast from all the antics over the past few days, so an emergency C Section was the only option at this point. 52 hours after I arrived for my induction, my beautiful baby girl was born, on May 8th @ 11:13 pm. She scored a 9/10 on her Apgars and has had my heart since the moment I layed eyes on her. For my second childs birth, we opted for a repeat C Section, for several reasons. Didn't want to go through the drama and stress again of another failed labor attempt, and took to heart all the risks of a VBAC. We arrived at the hospital at 8:00 am on Dec. 29, got my epidural & made my way to the operating room. Had a routine C Section, no complications, and went on my merry way back to my room to wait for them to bring my beautiful baby boy. Thing is, they never did. My son was born with Transient Tachypnea, which is more common in C Section babies. His little body (which by the way, also received a 9/10 on his Apgars) couldn't absorb the huge gulp of amniotic fluid that he swallowed on his way out. His lungs, although fully developed, just couldn't keep up. At about 12:30 am, 14 hours after giving birth, I finally am able to be wheeled down to the Special Care Nursery to see my son. He was being given oxygen to help his lungs absorb this excess fluid. His pediatrician said he would be fine by morning. Not quite the case. In the middle of the night my son took a turn for the worse and was rushed by ambulance to the Childrens Hospital, about 1.5 hours away. He ended up with a collapsed lung which required a chest tube and a ventilator to breathe for him. Anemia, which required a blood transfusion, and was throwing up stomach bile, which was a very serious sign that his stomach was about to rupture, which is often fatal in infants. After 16 days in the NICU, I was finally able to take my little miracle home. I didn't get to hold him for the first time until he was 8 days old, and have not put him down since. He is now a happy/ healthy 1.5 yr old with a temper just like his mom. You asked for our birth stories, hope this wasn't too extreme for you. :o)


very curious! - June 28

THANKS SOO MUCH FOR YOUR STORIES THEY ARE LOTS OF FUN TO READ!! Keep them comming!! (and thanks for the time)


Jen - June 28

Well mine started as a usual doctors appt. I was 38 weeks and went to my appt as usual. They took my blood pressure and then took it again and again and concluded their susptions when I had protien in my urine. I had pre-eclamsia. The doctor told me to rush home get my bags and head to the hospital because I had to be induced right away. (what a shock!) Anyway, I got to the hosptial around 4 o clock and put on my gown and was told to lay in the bed when I was done. They hooked me up to 4 different IV's and put in a cathiter. (ouch!) I had a nurse come in and insert gel into my cervix about 4 times and had pitocen,magneseum solphate,liquids, and morphine running through my IV's. Not to mention I was hooked up to a constant blood pressure checker that went off everytime it checked my blood pressure(every 5 minutes) which prevented me from getting ANY sleep! The pain got really really bad around midnight and thats when I got my epidural. (thank the lord!!) I was feeling pretty good after that but it wore off and had another one around 4 am I think..maybe a little earlier. Anyway once again I was happy and Finally at 9:30 am I was ready to push and boy did that feel good! I didnt even wait for a contraction I just kept pushing and pushing and she came out at 9:48 am!


Baby Websites? - June 28

I thought it was great that everyone has been sharing their birth stories. I love reading them. I'm 25 weeks pregnant, and the anticipation is killing me. Everyones' experiences are so unique! To anyone who has a website of their baby, why don't you post the address so that we can see your beautiful children?


:) - June 28

Keep em coming!


keeks - June 28

I had a crash c-section the first time. I went through 10 - 11 hours of labor. Still ended with a c-section......Emergency C-section the second time. I gave birth at 32 weeks.........Keekee



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