Birth Story From Bbk Long Sorry

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BBK - July 14

Turns out I can't stay the night in the postpartum session, so I'm home. Well, do you know what they say that it's not what you'd expect? 'They' are right! It happened quickly and I hope this inspires you who are going mad over how dilated you are etc. On Monday we had the 39 week visit and labor looked very distant..... so we decided to try the same thing that got us pregnant to see if it can get us un-pregnant! It worked! Though we had abstained from s_x for the past 6 weeks or so, going back to it worked like magic! Mucus plug dropped off on Tuesday morning, water broke that afternoon. We rushed to the hospital and thankfully got a nice birthing room. She started mild contractions at about 6:30 that same evening, and by 9:30pm she was begging for the epidural. Finally the anesthesiologist shows up at about midnight, and all went smoothly. Neither one of us got any real sleep being fixated on the fetal and contraction monitor... Doc showed up at 7 am and by that time Lisa was 5cm dillated and 100% effaced. He thought it's a good idea to speed things up so he administered oxytocin. Contractions got much worse and and a an epidural top-off was needed by about 9:30 am..... labor to be continued........


BBK - July 14

Just kidding, I'm breaking it in parts so they're easier o read. Once full dillation was confirmed at about 10:30 am or so, the pushing had to start..... this is where things got tricky! Lisa was doing her best to push, but it was getting hard. We could see the baby's hair but no progress after that. In addition the nurse was giving the wrong advice on how to push and it made things worse. She said push down, towards your colon, but that turned out to be wrong. So Lisa put this tremendous effort and no progress. That's when I got worried because Lisa's temp rose to 101 and baby's HR was in the 170's 180's. I asked the nurse to give Lisa some oxygen and she basically ignored it, but fortunately the doc walked in and said give her some O2. The temperature was worrisome as it could be infection and once antibiotics are administered, you commit the newborn to the ICU right after birth. He thought to give it another chance, and as soon as he explained to Lisa to push sort of on an angle.... like 45 degrees, (aiming towards where the ceeling meets the wall) she had the head out after two contractions. Cord was tangled around the neck once, but doc just loopped it over, then suctioned her fluids out..... after a couple of pushes little girl was out. I can't even describe my feelings when I saw her cry for the first time. I thought I would cry with her.... she was out after 1.5 hours of pushing! Doc has said to me a couple of hours back that she'd be born before noon and he was right! She was born at 11:59 am! It was a marathon I thought, the entire thing, but I could stare at that baby for days at a time. She's the best thing that ever happened to me. I'll work on a website soon, but I hope this succesful v____al birth inspires some first timers who are agonizing over it.


BBK - July 14

Baby made this whole thing worth it! I know you hear it every time, but it's so true. When I was pushing her little cart over to the postpartum she woke up and was was looking in to my eyes. I stared at her for hours when she slept.... I can just tell you I'm overwhelmed with joy. My wife is just lost for words and all she wants to do is hold the baby. Colostrum took about 10 hours to show up after some intense sucking. I wish you all the best, and I'll work on a pictorial soon. I wish yours go as smoothly (minus the temp rise) or better. Gotta go back now! Good luck to all of you and God bless!


KrisD - July 14

Congratulations! That is an inspiring story! So, what is your daughter's name??


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - July 14

Congratulations BBK! You're quite the proud daddy. Give up the baby details.....What did you name the new love of your life?


BBK - July 14

Oops yes.... it's Anna Sophia... my wife just called, and surpise.... she cries all the time


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - July 14

What a beautiful name, cla__sy, girly, and timeless. Can't wait for the pictures. :o)


D - July 14

Thanks for the story, BBK! A few details make me nervous for when my turn comes, but it sounds like I'll live! :-) Congratulations! I am very happy for you...


BBK - July 14

Thanks TIffani. I'd like to claim it was a product of extrensive research, but it's Greek tradition to name our kids after our parents.... so it's my mom's name.... who will be here shortly. BTW November 7 is getting closer! ;-) Now I'm off to the hospital again!


Lissi - July 14

YOU MADE ME CRY!!! (But in a good way) Lol! :) Congratulations BBK, you sound like you'll be a lovely daddy.


jb - July 14

OK. Your story just made me cry. I am only in the first trimester so I am soo far away from labor and delivery. But I cant wait. Congrats! and have fun with your little girl. What did you name her?


Karen - July 14

Congrats. Hope to see some photos soon. All the best.The name is sweet. 11 weeks and counting. !!!!


hp - July 14

Congrats BBK.. can't wait to see the pics.


chelsey - July 14

That is awesome news! I'm sure you and your wife are so proud to finally be parents! Congratulations! She has a beautiful name! We were all getting anxious for the arrival of your baby! How much did the little bundle of joy weigh when she made her appearance?


~E~ - July 14

Congratulation BBK!! Thanks for sharing. :) ...can't wait.


KEEKEE - July 14

Congrats!!!!! What a beautiful name. Enjoy her!!! Get some rest b/c your wife and daughter is really going to need you once they are home. Thanks for sharing your birth story!!!


tara - July 14

Congratulations to you and Lisa! Thanks for sharing the story, it helps to hear other people's experiences. All the best; can't wait to see the pictures.



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