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leahp - January 26

How many people are usually allowed in the birthing room, I've gotten mixed answers???


lou - January 26

I am not talking from personal experience as I am still trying to get pregnant but I have been a birthing partner to 2 of my friends at 2 different hospitals and it really depended on the hospital. It seems they have different rules and there isnt one general rule for the amount of people you can have present. ( I am in the UK by the way) thought i'd better mention that, I get the impression that most people that use this forum are american? is it an american forum? lol


Leahp - January 26

Oh! I don't think so, there's women on here from all over the world, but I guess you could say it is an American made web site, so we see more American women on here.


G - January 26

It really depends on the hospital, at one hospital, I was in the room with my cousin and there were 8 of us in there! then my brother-in-laws girlfriend was in a different hospital and she could only have 3 in really just depends on where you are...


lou - January 26

oh ok, well i dont want to turn your question into a discussion about uk/american forums so thanks for the reply and I hope you can have as many people with you in the birthing room as you wish :)


Donna - January 26

hiya i guess different hospitals let different amount of people in the rooms im from UK and i wanted my boyfriend in there my mum and his mum but ive been told only one person is only aloud in :( which i was abit dissapointed about because i dont want my mum or his mum missing out but nevermind thats the rules i guess :)


lou - January 26

hi donna, i am also in uk and when i was a birthing partner to my best friend there was me, her boyfriend and her mum and we all took it in turns being in the room with her up to the point she started pushing then me and her boyfriend stayed with her (she had one arm round each of our necks!) The hospital had told her she was only allowed one person while she delivered but when the time came as long as we kept out of the way of the 'pushing end' they let 2 of us stay with her.


Donna - January 26

haha i think my arms will be round my boyfriends neck aswell...but yea maybe they might let me of with one other person in there..or maybe if i just ask for my mum to come in half way through it they might give in on me hehe it doesnt matter as long as i have my boyfriend there :)


Mommy2Kylie - January 26

Hmm.. Im not sure. All hospitals are different. I personally had my Mom, Dad, Brother, and Fiance there.. and I could have had more if I wanted. How many people are you planning on having in the room with you?


E - January 26

My hospital (Beth Israel Deaconess) allows only the partner and a birthing coach or midwife, if you have one. When I lived in Madison, there were 7 of us at the foot of the bed when my friend gave birth.


KM - January 26

it does all depend on the hospital. My doctor told me 2, but when i was in labour i ended up being allowed to have ne one I wanted because I was the only one labouring at the time. So i had my mom,boyfriend, and his mom. Also my dad and my bfs dad were there for a bit before it got bad lol.


Leahp - January 27

Thank ladies, I was just curious because I feel it could get nasty with my husbands sister, I don't really want her in there at all because she's never showed me much respect, plus she isn't the nicest person in the world, but I love his mom, so I just wanted my husband, my mom and his mom! But if his sister doesn't get to be in there I can sense a riff!!!! Oh my!!!


KM - January 27

ask your doctor what ia typically allowed at the hospital where you will give birth


Sophia - January 30

I was allowed two. I chose my mother and the father. Good Luck.



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