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... - May 4

does anyone know what causes birth marks? Or if they can be prevented? I saw some really scarey ones earlier on the internet.


monica - May 4

I know what you mean. I was so scared with my first child that he was going to end up with big birth marks on his face. But he didnt .. he has one on his chest but his face is flawless. With this pregnancy I have not really thought about the pregnancy. I am 5 years older now and what I am scared about now is other age related symptoms. I doubt that birthmarks can be prevented. I think some might even be hereditary.


prego nc - May 4

yeah, I should really limit my intake on the internet.....I'ts like i'm trying to scare myself to death. But they had ones that almost covered there WHOLE FACE....and they were all bumpy and stuff!!!! Anywhere else but on the face I can deal with....I think we all have them somewhere. How far along are you now?


monica - May 4

I am 27 weeks. I know what you mean about the internet.. they always show the worse case scenario for everything. But I like to know what could possibly be the worst thing that could happen. I dont want to be shocked at birth. I remember reading that certain races have a higher chance of birthmarks.But they do seem rare... so I wouldnt worry about it too much. How many weeks are you?


prego nc - May 4

I am almost 22 weeks. 28 yrs old. First baby. Scared to death! Of everything! I find myself going to yahoo and going to the image section and typing in things like "birth defects" and stuff like that to see what different ones are out there. I know it's stupid but I just want to know. In the end it only makes me worry about something that I can't control. Do you know if you are having boy or girl....I'm having a girl.


monica - May 4

u/s shows I am having a boy. Have you thought of any names? I want to name my son Luke. I know first pregnancy can be scary but exciting. Your young I would not worry about anything. You will see you will have a healthy baby girl.


prego nc - May 5

I LOVE the name Luke...If I ever had a boy I was going to name him that until my best friend had a boy and named him Luke! So since you have expierience tell me.......Do you feet really swell? Do you lose all your b___bs and then some? Stretch marks? lol


leslie - May 5

I think that if that was the case of the baby been born with a birth mark, they can do surgery right when they are born, and not only for that also if there is something wrong with their legs, arms, lots of things they can change now right least that is what my doctor said. GL!! I think you will be ok, and try not looking in the internet for such things, instead you shoudl go and look for incredible(abour miracles) baby stories, they are soo cool and make me they make your day! :)


monica - May 5

no swollen feet, yes stretch marks, my b___bs are so huge right now. but with my first pregnancy after I stop b___st feeding I went from a D cup to a small B.... I had to buy padded bras. Then I went on the pill and they grew back. How are you feeling with your pregnancy?



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